A new beginning

salida de sol

How many of us have not made new years resolutions of starting a new life, a healthy life, a life that will render you a body that is in better shape and that will free your mind? Well, you already know the answer to that, don ́t you? Maybe you are one of them. I am too… So why is it then that you always start one more time but do not hold on long enough to see any results?

I found that big changes in my life always needed different environments and some form of guidance from very talented people (in my case, you had to be highly talented to make me change). Take something like living a more healthy life, a life with more exercises, some or a lot more attention to what you eat and some spiritual guidance to keep the mind focused (no, no need to try and go for the levitational stuff…). Firstly, if you try it at home, the chances are that you will be distracted too much by those surrounding you day by day. Secondly, if you have to start doing exercises and on top of that start preparing food differently from what you are used to and… search for some mental or spiritual guidance… Very little chance you will succeed.

There are very few places where you can find the ideal environment that permits you just to do that. But I have one just for you, Playitas Resort, a resort on the Canary Islands, a completely different environment, warm climate, great facility, great people and good food.

Ok, I hear you thinking, good food does not really help me with my cause… You see, that is where you are wrong… We at Playitas Resort do not want to force you into some sort of dieting club. We want to offer you a choice, a choice that contains food that is specially selected for active or sports purposes, a choice that lets you combine the selection of food with a new awareness you did not have before, a choice that lets you make your own decisions. After all you will be on holiday and that fact alone is precious. But you see, the choice is yours. At Playitas you will find people who are interested in helping you with your choices!
Is that not the idea after all? Get help and guidance to make those tough decisions in an environment that is supportive to the whole idea itself. Combine your precious holidays with making a fresh start for you and your family for that matter. At the Resort they do not only cater for those who want a change. They cater for the whole family, whether you are ready for that change or not, whether one of the family members is the sporty type and the other is not, whether you have 17 kids and never had the time to make this change because of the obvious… It is all catered for.
Make up your mind if you want a new adventure, in whatever form or shape! And after that, just free your mind…

Written by Stephan Meyvisch. Playitas’ General Manager


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