Saving our environment


We live in a society that needs efforts of all of its members safeguarding the environment. We do not do this for us but for the next generations to come. The most dreadful thing is those people with an attitude of not caring as they think someone else will take care of it.

At Playitas Resort, we have embraced this responsibility and have recently started to install recycling points -as you see in the picture- in every corner of the Resort to make it easy for the guest to participate in recycling. You might be surprised about the quantity of waste that a Resort produces because of its guests.

Surprisingly, it is still not common sense for the guest to participate as it seems that there is a dissociation between what one does at home and what one does on vacation. From Playitas’ side, we will continue our efforts of awareness and will crusade for a better environment for now and generations to come. So next time you are at Playitas Resort, think about the impact and contribution you can provide in sorting your waste at our recycling points. You can make a difference. And of course, your opinion counts. Feel free to comment. 🙂

Oh, and one more thing, it’s a simple thing, free your mind!


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