Coast to Coast. You do not know until you try

coast2coast para blog

Mothers used to say that most of the things we had to eat as kids, we did not like as it seemed that the things looked like healthy. They would get upset and say that it was impossible to know until we tried eating those things. Of course they were right.
Well, some things in life you just have to try out so that you can decide if those are things you like or not. We recommend that experiments are to be undertaken in suitable environments. It helps!!!

Take our Coast to Coast trail running event (28th September) that we organize at Playitas Resort for instance. It is a great event to find out if trail running is something you like or not. It goes from 10 km distance (very easy) to 90 km (not for the fainthearted) and it covers some of the most beautiful spots of Fuerteventura. Combine this with staying at Playitas Resort and you can be assured that pre and post preparations/recuperations are taken care of. But, as it happens we want you to bring the family along! We cater for all the members (also for those who do not want to start sweating) from young to old. Grab your chance to join one of the most beautiful trail running events you have ever heard of. See you then?

Photo by Miguel Ángel Jaén


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