Diving: an awesome option at Playitas Resort


Today is a bit cloudy but anyway… What a beautiful day!!! In Playitas Resort every day is THE perfect day for scuba diving, so why not give it a try today? That’s exactly what Søren and Oliver did a few days ago.     

So…how does it work?

If you haven’t got any experience at all, you might want to join us in our free try dives on Monday and Thursday at 13:30 at the aparthotel pool, where you’ll take your very first breaths underwater and realize how easy and fun it is!


What’s next?

The next step is booking a Discover Scuba Diving experience, it’s made up of three parts: 1 Theory session, 1 pool session and a dive in the ocean. The whole experience will take between 2 and 3 hours. You’ll be under the direct supervision of a PADI instructor all the time, in a group of max. 4 students per instructor.

 Wow! That was cool!  I want more!

(Warning! Scuba diving is highly addictive! ) So now that you’ve completed your Discover Scuba experience and you’re hooked on air bubbles your next step will be becoming a certified diver and be a part of the family (as Dario is a Sicilian-born he can’t stress enough the importance of THE FAMILY!) To become an Open Water Diver you will alternate theory and pool sessions and complete four open water dives during approximately 3 days, after which you’ll be a qualified PADI Open Water Diver, the most popular diver certification worldwide. Your license will never expire, you only need to keep your skills fresh


Been there. Done that. Got the t-shirt Ok, so you’re an experienced diver? Let us take you for some of the best diving in the Canary Islands. Only a 30’ drive away from Playitas you can dive the Salinas reef ,with some spectacular wall dives, swim throughs, overhangs, amazing volcanic rock formations and chances to see big fish.

Happy Bubbles!

Further information –> Dario Cespa (Dive centre manager, PADI open water instructor)

By e-mail .- playitas(at) deep-blue-diving.com or give us a call: +34 653 512 638  

Click here for info prices


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