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Anja Beranek, one of the top ten female triathletes was training at Playitas for her last year race and also for signing a new agreement with Playitas. We can say it was a really nice time talking to her and also we had time to shoot some pictures wearing the new Playitas clothes collection. She makes everything easier 🙂

Anja, welcome again to Playitas. How are you?

I’m fine, thank you. I’m in the sun, I’m in the best hotel of the world, I mean Playitas and I can live my passion Triathlon so I’m very happy 🙂

How many years have you been a professional triathlete?

Now, it’s my third year as a professional in long distance, in the Ironman distance. Before, I can say that I did triathlon since a child. I started when I was 13 so I’m doing triathlon for a long time but I focused it on the last 3 years and now I feel more like a professional. The years before I have been medium professional, medium work, medium study and now I’m 100% professional.

How many hours do you train in a week?

In a week, I can say 25 till 35 hours so it depends on when your competition will be and what is your training goal at the moment but in training camps is also up to 40 hours so it’s like a normal job.

How do you feel stronger? Swimming, biking or running? 

It’s difficult to say.  I’m this kind of athlete can do all 3 disciplines but I think I’m strongest swimming and on the bike but very complete in general. I have the whole package. 😉

6There are people really interested on the food professional triathletes eat. What can you tell us about your nutrition?

All depends on your training goal and on the shape I am so for example,  I come from Nuremberg and there is a special Christmas cake so at this time I eat a lot of sweets (hahaha) because I’m allowed to eat them when we are out of season. But during the season, in the winter, I try not to eat too much carbohydrates and I have to keep the body in shape but for training sessions for example here in training camps if I wake up and go to breakfast to have carbohydrates, a lot of proteins, fruits but not so much in the morning because there is a long training and takes a little bit time to get it works. Anyway, I have a good breakfast because I usually do a running before the breakfast and I need a little bit of energy for the rest of the day. If I stay 4 or 5 hours on the bike I need to stop at the “Boutique del Pan” (hahaha) to get some energy and then in the evening I eat carbohydrates, salads, fruits so I try to say ‘let’s get everything’ but always depending on the training session. If I have a day not so intensive I don’t need too much carbohydrates but if my day has been a hard one, I need more salads, more carbohydrates, pasta, potatoes…

You spend a lot of time on a bike and running. Do you listen music when you are training?

Sometimes. Just for running sessions. If I come back from a 5 hours training on bike and then I need to run for a half an hour fast,  I need to listen music, good music, loud music. Music that can be motivated and keep me fast.

Do you play other sports?

Yes I do. Just for fan, I play volleyball, badminton, mountain biking, hiking. Unfortunately during the season I have not enough time but when the season is over, I do it.

What do usually do when you are not training?

Working a little bit. I have with my husband a business company so I’m there sometimes in the office along the week. If I don’t train those days, I go to work and it’s also very good for the mind because I have something completely different to triathlon and also when I spend 5 hours on bike I have something to think about and not just to think about sports. It’s another influence.

And then I have a dog, a lovely Spanish dog. If I don’t train I like to spend a lot of time with her. Also I have a very great family and a 2 years old niece. I love her so much so if I can, I like to spend much time with her. For me, my family is very important because they give me the power and the energy to do sports.


Travelling as triathlete you know a lot of places. What’s your best place to live?

I’m from Germany and I love my country but the main problem is the weather. I’m doing triathlon and in Germany the winter and the autumn take 6 months and it’s really cold so for me living as a professional is difficult, it’s a nice place to stay but not the best one. That is why I prefer the Canary Islands because the weather is always constant. It’s up to 20 degrees or even more in winter time and I get energy with the sun and it’s not far from home.

What can you tell us about Playitas Resort?

I got you know 4 years ago and I need to say that it’s the perfect place for a triathlete. You guys have all everything you need as a 50 meters Olympic Pool, sun and for cycling as well. Here you can choose to bike flat, to bike uphill or  along the streets and this is very important. Also you can run at the beach, to the lighthouse so I will say with one word: variety. And you have the best food ever so this is also something very important if you train or work so hard in the evening you need to have something that tastes and makes you fit again for the next day and also your fantastic gym, the courses for stretching and if you don’t want to train you can go and have fitness with girls and guys or just go for a walk around the surroundings.

Anja, thank you very much for your time and we’ll see you soon

Thank you very much. I have really enjoyed my stay and see you in December 🙂


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