Playing in our backyard. Gran Tarajal and Las Playitas

playitas view

Our backyard is the volcanic landscape of Tuineje. We start in a valley and in whatever direction we go, some sort of mountain first needs to be conquered. Straight ahead we have a volcanic mountain that connects Playitas Resort with the nearby town Gran Tarajal.

playitas pueblo

If we go to the right we are confronted with some stretch of volcanic landscape that ranges from steep climbs to flats to dips to manicured (it seems that way but it is mother nature) plaids. We are probably talking about an area that is about 10 square miles. To the back lays the little fisher village Las Playitas, which has a backdrop of yet another couple of mountains. That is our backyard. We can easily cross this border and lose ourselves in the rest of the island of Fuerteventura but that is someone else ́s backyard…

To the left we have the sea with its cool fresh air that caresses our face and plays with our hair. This breeze brings some refreshment to the sometimes very warm surroundings. This is our home, our office, our backyard, our gym, our perfect training ground, our sanctuary for some peace and meditation. This is where we spend most of our time! Why do we write about this you say? We want you to know how this place feels as we want you to come and spend some time here. Playitas Resort is the perfect place where you can find all the above as it is in the smack middle of it all. Now tell us, is that not a place where you can free your mind? 😉


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