The early bird catches the worm. Let’s run!

blog running

Going for a run in the morning has many advantages. It does not necessarily have to be a long run but it is recommended to keep it up for at least 30 minutes. There is nothing better than starting the work day with a refreshing activity like running. It gets your blood circulation going, it stimulates the fat burning process and in general, gives you a feeling of having already accomplished an important thing. I can hear you think… ‘yeah but I have to get up so early to go run?’ No way! Think about this. Try to go run with someone you know. The fact of running with someone does make it easier at the hour of getting out of bed (you feel like you cannot let the other person down). Try changing your running routes. Running is one of these sports that are normally not restricting you of going in one particular direction. Make it interesting, go and discover your surroundings. We are sure you do not know your surroundings that good and in that way (driving by in a car is not the same!). Running is life, just free your mind and go out there!

5 tips for running in the morning (spanish)

 Tips for running in the morning (English)



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