Run Forrest, Run!

Anja Beranek

If there is one movement man is made for than it is running! We have just read a very interesting book called Born to Run from the author Christopher McDougall. In this book is a marvelous reflection of how man was destined to evolve to a running species. It is certain that our current generations lack this fact of the evolution albeit not all of us. The fact that we have become so intelligent and that this has certainly contributed to the fact that we do not run as often as we should or that we simply do not run anymore is very revealing. It seems that our brain has become so efficient in convincing the rest of our bodily functions that the less you do the better it is as there are so many other ways of moving that require almost no efforts. We have become masters in energy efficiency (at least at humanoid level)!

Melina estirando

However, for those who still have the passion for running (the handful of us that are left out there) there is this sense of liberty we experience when we go out for a stroll. Personally We find it very inspiring when we can run on different terrains and take the view of different landscapes. That is not always a given fact and is rather a luxury if you have this at your disposal. Some might say it is part of the inspiration of running to discover new tracks to devour, others (who are less adventurous or have little time for discovering anyways) care for the well known as it brings them instant data of the relished efforts or the tough nut still to crack.


As it happens, at Playitas Resort, we have tried to cater for all of your inspirations. For our running guests we have created a runners map/booklet that contains some inspiring routes with indications of distance and difficulties to expect. It is light and easy to read so as to not be a hassle or burden carrying it along for the stride. For those who want to join the runners world (and believe us, we are all made for running, no excuse that you are the exception on the rule) we offer a slow and guided build up over the period of your time at Playitas so that if you want, you can crown it with a small run to see if your efforts have served you well (guaranteed).

So next time you are looking for some runners paradise, look up what you can do at Playitas Resort and if so, give us a call and we will guide you to your perfect fit.

Oh, and one more thing, running is very basic but needs some expert advise for you to start right. Let’s run and… free your mind! 🙂


Talking with Murdo. A life around the world of Golf


Everybody who comes to Playitas Resort should meet Mr. Murdo McCorquodale or just Murdo. Considered a gentleman by all his colleagues, Murdo shows us his human side and talks about his life.

Hi Murdo! Where do you come from?

Hi! I come from Scotland! The highlands of Scotland 🙂

When did you start to play golf?

My father was a golf professional and like a Swiss child learns to ski as soon as they can walk and maybe a Spaniard starts to play football, a Scottish kid has a golf club in the hand and plays Golf.

DSC_4156Why did you finish up in Fuerteventura?

Ha, ha, ha… that’s a long story! My wife is from Ibi, near Alicante. It was not easy to get a job in Spain. Basically in order to get a job in Spain, you need german more than spanish in my business, in the Golf world. First thing we did was we moved to Germany to learn the language and we stayed there for a couple of years and then I was offerer a job in Portugal which we thought, well… it’s “almost” Spain (laughs) so we moved to Portugal, we stayed in the Algarve which is a really nice place to live  for a couple of years but it was not an easy place to work – economically- there are a lot of poor people and a lot of multimillionaires but nobody really in the middle and it was  quite a difficult time as a self employed Golf professional to find enough work. From there I was offered a job in Egypt which was actually  two fantastic years. It was a great place to live with very service minded people and a great place to work but when Ana became pregnant  we decided we wanted to eventually move to Spain.


Playitas Resort got in touch with me and offered me the post of Head Pro mainly because as a PGA pro with the ability to speak English, Spanish and German it was ideal for the resort. I fell in love with Playitas Golf course because of it’s potential and  it’s beautiful views on every hole with no surrounding houses  and no kids screaming… It’s something different which I still really love.

Who’s your favorite Golf player?

I did love Severiano Ballesteros but unfortunately he died two years ago, he was every golfer’s hero. I don’t have any particular favourites (unless I have a bet on them) but I do always have a big interest in European Ryder Cup player Paul Lawrie as I used to work with him in Scotland and he is a friend, Jose Maria Olazábal is another golfer who is a real gentleman on and off the course.

So you are a Spanish fan…

Definitely! The Spaniards play Golf with a lot of passion and flare and they play a different style of game actually. They all have fantastic short games.

What can you tell about the Playitas Golf Course? 

Playitas Golf is very different. It’s not your normal new Golf course because when new Golf courses are built, they are basically all the same. There are 4 par 5’s, 4 par 3’s and 10 par 4’s, it’s the standard . That is par 72. Playitas is short but very quirky. It’s more like what I’m used to playing in Scotland. It’s a par 67, it is short  but that doesn’t mean it is an easy course, it is very tricky, especially when the wind blows. Anyone can birdie a par 5 but it’s much harder to birdie a par 3, it is a good test for all levels of golfer. The Scottish designer has used the natural slopes and features to create a very links like golf course. Links basically is a description of the British style seaside courses which are always firm and depending on the wind direction on each day can vary considerably.

Do you play other sports?

I do. To be honest I like cycling, I like windsurfing, I like diving and football but I am Scottish so I’m not very good at football. I prefer to watch Glasgow Rangers.

Did you play as a professional golfer?

Yes. I won my first tournament as a pro and earned 677 pounds and then it went downhill from there to be honest (hahaha). You have to  be 100% dedicated purely to your golf career and I didn’t do that, I Iiked other things like girls, football and the occasional beer unfortunately or Scottish Triathlon!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I was good at Golf but I have never been Tiger

Murdo anuncio golf

Woods’ standard and I knew that but I still play Pro level and compete on a National level when I can. I have a family, I have a wife and two children and being a good dad and husband is the most important thing for me. I also have always loved to teach people which I seem to be more talented at.

If you didn’t play Golf, what would you do?

I’d be a singer. I love singing. It’s my biggest passion. I love swing and jazz music. I have a big passion for this.

One day I see myself having a swing bar, not a swingers bar (before you say anything), a cool place with a piano, good live music, cocktails, maybe some healthy food and in a big city.

And the last question…

Go for it!

What’s different here?

The weather is unbelievable. Summer is not too hot and we have great conditions in the winter. The Golf course is always in good condition and we have the Hotels next door to the course. The Beach is close by and we have the best sports facilities to combine with Golf. There are many good Restaurants and the island has two other Golf courses to play which compliment Playitas golf very well. It’s pretty much “heaven on earth”. It’s a very relaxed sports resort with a Golf course and I like the type of golfer that plays here – not too serious and always patient with less experienced players.

Thank you very much, Sir!

De nada! 🙂

What about an adventure?

Ok, we admit the Canary Islands are not particularly known as an adventure destination. But, they have potential. On Fuerteventura you have endless beaches, mountains, trails, cycling roads, a lot of water (it is an island after all!), great climate, good food culture, charming resorts -specially Playitas Resort 😉 – friendly people and lots of space. Like any other sun and beach destination, it is marked by high seasons (which means that room rates and flights are a bit steeper) and shoulder seasons (which equals low rates and cheap flights for the same quality). That is good to know for the adventurers amongst us as that is the ideal time to go for an adventure. Shoulder season not only means better economical conditions but it means you find yourself in sort of Robinson Crusoe situations (a feeling of being the only person around).

Adventures can take many forms and shapes. They can be about experiencing different cultures, about working together with total strangers, about learning long forgotten skills (when was the last time you used one of these knots to keep some wooden construction from caving in?), about learning to deal with problems and finding solutions, about finding your way in unfamiliar territory. Or… About getting away from it all and have some totally crazy enjoyable time…

Adventures can be lived individually or in group. Individuals or families just pick up the phone and make a call or investigate a bit more on the website of Playitas Resort, nothing to it.


For companies it means, have an exceptional retreat/team building session in some exceptional location surrounded by some exceptional people in an exceptional climate and enjoying some exceptional gastronomy. You do not believe us? Just have a look at the island of Fuerteventura and in special on the Playitas Resort website and we will see who is right. Adventures give you the benefit to free your mind and do something thrillingly new of which you will talk long after the last minutes of it are savored. Adventures need to be lived and experienced in controlled environments, specially if it is company retreat style holidays. That is why it makes all the more sense to call Playitas Resort and ask what possibilities they have to cater to your needs. Let a group of specialists worry about the details and nitty gritty things of organizing the adventure, you just make sure you dream big as your dreams might be about to come true…

Oh, and one more thing, keep it simple, be ready to… free your mind! 🙂