What about an adventure?

Ok, we admit the Canary Islands are not particularly known as an adventure destination. But, they have potential. On Fuerteventura you have endless beaches, mountains, trails, cycling roads, a lot of water (it is an island after all!), great climate, good food culture, charming resorts -specially Playitas Resort 😉 – friendly people and lots of space. Like any other sun and beach destination, it is marked by high seasons (which means that room rates and flights are a bit steeper) and shoulder seasons (which equals low rates and cheap flights for the same quality). That is good to know for the adventurers amongst us as that is the ideal time to go for an adventure. Shoulder season not only means better economical conditions but it means you find yourself in sort of Robinson Crusoe situations (a feeling of being the only person around).

Adventures can take many forms and shapes. They can be about experiencing different cultures, about working together with total strangers, about learning long forgotten skills (when was the last time you used one of these knots to keep some wooden construction from caving in?), about learning to deal with problems and finding solutions, about finding your way in unfamiliar territory. Or… About getting away from it all and have some totally crazy enjoyable time…

Adventures can be lived individually or in group. Individuals or families just pick up the phone and make a call or investigate a bit more on the website of Playitas Resort, nothing to it.


For companies it means, have an exceptional retreat/team building session in some exceptional location surrounded by some exceptional people in an exceptional climate and enjoying some exceptional gastronomy. You do not believe us? Just have a look at the island of Fuerteventura and in special on the Playitas Resort website and we will see who is right. Adventures give you the benefit to free your mind and do something thrillingly new of which you will talk long after the last minutes of it are savored. Adventures need to be lived and experienced in controlled environments, specially if it is company retreat style holidays. That is why it makes all the more sense to call Playitas Resort and ask what possibilities they have to cater to your needs. Let a group of specialists worry about the details and nitty gritty things of organizing the adventure, you just make sure you dream big as your dreams might be about to come true…

Oh, and one more thing, keep it simple, be ready to… free your mind! 🙂


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