Have you had this feeling that looking at the menu, you have no idea what to order? It all looks fantastic but nothing is jumping out and calling for your name…

It happens to all of us ones too often but there is a simple trick to get over it, ask for the suggestions of the Chef! In some restaurants the Maitre will suggest to you what kind of special dishes he/she has on that day. If the ingredients are to your likings, than go for it. A suggestion of the day is also a way for the chef to get inspiration and creativity going, so count on this as the effort will be reflected in the dishes. Normally, menus do not change that often, lets say only 3 to 4 times a year (mirroring the seasons). But suggestions normally change every day or so. It allows the chef to be creative with the ingredients of the moment/day.

Restaurante Da Luigi

And for you, the customer, it gives the opportunity to be surprised and get something that stands out of the menu.

So next time you are in a restaurant, if the Maitre does not already suggest something, feel free to ask for any suggestions or recommendations of the day!!!

Oh, and one more thing, keep it simple, free your mind! Bon Apetit!


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