Cycling, a means of networking?

Red line

Lets face it, most of us do not cycle to make a living. Having said that, there are a lot of us out there that have never written a bicycle at all. Let us tell you this, it is a very green method of displacing yourself from point A to point B and is proven to be one of the most forgiving sports there are. You can pace yourself, you can outperform yourself, you can do it on your own, you can do it as a group, you can do it with total strangers, you can do it with friends, you can do it with colleagues, you can do it with like minded people or you can teach it to the younger generation (highly recommended). The fact is, it is a sport that, when practiced with moderation (too much of anything is not good to begin with anyways), does not invade on ligaments or any other extremely focused anatomy of the body (saddle sore not taken into account). It is a great way of spending time with the family going for a stroll.

But did you know it is also becoming increasingly popular as a means of networking? Well, according to an article in the economist, it does…

Our point of view, when you come to Playitas Resort, don ́t bring any business with you. Getting to know new people is allowed but in a  ́free your mind ́kind of environment.

Enjoy! 😉


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