Eating the ‘right way’.

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Ok, I am just a normal guy.  I do not have a nutritional degree nor am I a doctor. I am just a normal average guy who decided to have a closer look at what I am eating and what anyone eats in a normal way.

We all know what the society has as problems fighting the over weight new generation of kids and the actual generation of teenagers.  How did we get this far? It is obvious, nobody seems to bother anymore about being interested how they eat or better, what they eat.

I get tremendously frustrated when I walk into a supermarket and get overwhelmed by whole rows of healthy food products. I mean, just read the labels of all these products.  One tries to outperform the next sketching the health effects their products have on the human body. If it were the case that these products were that healthy (at the point of becoming super human) than why is it that we do not have a healthy generation of people walking around? Ah, you say, that is because we still have the freedom of choice.  We can decide if we eat those health products or not (and most of us do not).  But, is it not healthiest to get Mother Nature in your tummy instead of all these prefabricated products that have been treated so you can store them for the next 7 years? Well, than we get to the element of not having time to prepare, taste, create, elaborate.  We have become a nation of minute time counters… The less we do, the better it is, at least that is what our brains have become masters at.  We also seem to work incredible hours which leads us to notime at all for food matters.  Or is that a subject of productivity better left untouched? The fact is, we do not have time!

At Playitas Resort, we do make time for these things.  Actually, it one of the most important things.  We elaborate healthy dishes for you to savor without you having to lift a finger.  We work with local products, fresh of the day so that we do not have to bother with food elements that can be shelved for decades.

Sandwich & FF

It is true that we do not just offer the healthy stuff, we also offer the more calorie based dishes but that has a good reason, you are on holidays at Playitas Resort and we do not want to create an environment that reflect the most draconian lifestyle change you have ever seen or lived.  Instead we offer the possibility to a gradual adaptation (don’t get me wrong, if you want the draconian way, we can offer you that).

 But even so, combining this with some exercise (another element we have no time for it seems) leads us to a far healthier way of living than we know now.  Why not take a first step and get some expert advice at the Resort before you start changing?

But remember, we have the stuff, you need to muster the will to change.

Oh and one more thing, it is not complicated, in fact, it is rather simple to change. Just free your mind!


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