Interview: Konstantin Bachor (2014 Lighthouse Triathlon winner)


The german triathlete Konstantin Bachor stayed at Playitas Resort for training and racing Lighthouse Classic Triathlon. He agreed to meet us after the ‘Lighthouse’ to talk about the new season and his carrier.

How did you get started with triathlon? 

I started as a young kid with swimming. For the past 15 years I’ve been doing triathlon. My first triathlons were relatively short – with 200m swim, 8k bike and 2k run. Since 2007 I’m starting professionally. Last year, 2013, was my best season. I’m very happy with my development right now.

You just won the Lighthouse Classic Triathlon Fuerteventura in a relatively close contest.  Please introduce us to your strategy during the run when you realized that Victor Del Corral was making up time.

The run up to the lighthouse and back is fairly undulating. I knew that my strength lies in the downhill section, the second part of the route, while Victor is stronger uphill. So, I saved some energy for the last three kilometers. I didn’t look behind me, I just sprinted. My fans standing on the track were telling me the gap to Victor. On the last kilometer there was only one pace which was full speed, so he won’t catch me on the last meters. I’m really happy it worked.


What are your goals for this season?

First of all, my next contest is the Challenge Fuerteventura. Last year I got the 3rd place. I’m hoping to finish on the podium again this year – maybe one or two positions better! Later the season, in September, I will be competing in Ironman races in order to collect Kona points for the professional ranking of 2015.


Who is it or what is it that inspires you in triathlon?

It inspires me to get up early every morning to give my very best every day and work on my body. I’m constantly trying to get in the best shape possible. As there are three disciplines you can always find something to improve. You can always enhance your last performance and this constant challenge is my motivation.

What does the rest of your race schedule look like?

Two weeks after the Challenge Fuerteventura, I’m participating in the Challenge Rimini in Italy which is a half-distance race as well. In June I’ll be doing several middle-distances in Germany. After that, in July and August you won’t see me racing much, as I’ll be preparing and training for the Ironman in September to get as many Kona points as possible.

What can you tell us about this place – Playitas?

It’s a great place to train. I’m coming here since 2008. Over the last 6 years I have seen Playitas developing every year – starting from the gym to the food buffet and the running tracks, everything gets better! One of the aspects that make Playitas such a good place to train is that everything’s very close together. There are connections to all great the biking and running tracks of the island. You can train all three disciplines equally good here!


Captura de pantalla 2014-03-21 a la(s) 16.07.05


Swim, bike or run?     


Favorite place to ride?    

The Challenge course on Fuerteventura

Three people to have dinner with?      

I’m a family person – my wife, dad and mum

Train alone or with a group?      

Alone or in small groups of two to three people

Energy drink, tea or coffee?       

Red Bull is good

Where does your bike live?       

In Germany in the basement, next to my other bikes

What do you carry with you when you train?    

5€ for a good meal, sneakers and a coke

Thank you very much for your time and good luck for this season!

See you for the Challenge! 😉


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