Weird Stuff

Stephan Meyvisch Challenge Fuerteventura

Now that I have been at it for some time (I am talking about doing sports!), I have to admit that there are some things that I do that I think are not normal but that more people do when running…

I feel almost embarrassed to say but here are some things that happen to me:

I keep thinking that all those that pass me on a run are using some sort of short cut or that they run that fast because they only run for 2 miles and I am doing the long run.

I regularly look behind me to see where the others are although I have not seen a single person for quite some time.

When I look at my watch, I kind of lift it up towards the sky as I am convinced that that way I get better satellite connection.

The same goes for starting my run. When I look for satellites for the GPS, I kind of lift my arm as if that helps catching them faster.

I always carry 2 euros with me in case I want to buy some last minute Aquarius although I run on a track that does not have any shops or cafe stops.

If I do run indoors on a treadmill, I get competitive with the person next to me and start racing him or her although they have no idea.

There are lots more weird things that come to me but lately I read some stuff on the internet of people doing similar things and worse. So I am sort of calmed down about it but still…

Is anybody out there caring to share if similar things have happened to him/her?

Written by Stephan Meyvisch -General Manager of Playitas Resort

Photo: Stephan runs to transition zone in 2013 Challenge Fuerteventura


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