Summer is coming and so are the salads !


We just love the feeling of summer standing at the doorsteps! People start getting worried about their figure, they start exercising and changing their eating habits.

A great way to get into that summer feeling (and to do something about that shape!) is starting to eat salads.

Now, when it comes to salads, all is permitted. A salad is a food item that can be a reflection of ones personality, creativity and mood.

What is good in a salad? that is one of these questions one cannot answer unless you state, it all depends…

At Playitas Resort we have the obligation to be health conscience and have started to create a new menu of salads. Our chef has come up with some 5 different recipes and we have tasted these with much interest and pleasure but we thought it might be much more interesting to get our guests involved. That is why we  on our social media – facebook, twitter and instagram – launch a cry out to our followers to come up with their own recipe and take the chance to get their favorite salad on the menu of the Da Luigi restaurant. If that fancies you too, you might want to dig into them and get your recipe posted. It is quite simple, the recipe that gets liked the most will be tested by our chef and will be incorporated into the menu.


A salad is also a great tool for those big lunchers to give their eating free range and devour as much as they want, that is, if the salad is composed in a healthy way. Ah, you might say, did you not state earlier that salads are very healthy and a way to get something done for that summer figure? Yes I did but it needs to be stated that some guidelines need to be followed if the salad needs to qualify for the health section. Firstly, try to avoid any mixes of mayonnaise to put to the salads (except if you use Vegennaise, a type of mayonnaise without any animal based elements). Secondly, take care of the individual components of the salad. If you use meat and cheeses into the salads, this will add to the calorie counter! But even so, a salad is still much lighter than most dishes out there. Combine this with a healthy glass of water or a nicely chilled glass of white wine (yes, Rose wine is allowed) and you are on the right track.

We cannot wait reading about your favorite salad.

Oh, and one last thing, keep it simple, free your mind!


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