It ́s not me, it ́s them…


Funny how technology and science allow us to discover wonders about ourselves as human beings. Those things can sometimes be very shocking or can sometimes be very revealing. Take for instances this example, we are built out of about ten trillion cells but we are host to tens of trillions of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and other invisible organisms that symbiotically inhabit our skin, proliferate in our saliva and thrive in our digestive tract. Are we really in control of our own body? We would think we can be glad that a lot of it all is pretty automated and on top, most of the foreigners are friendly and actually help us in some sort of way.

But what we wanted to say is that some things occur and are actually linked to micro organisms that are not ours. For instance, Swiss researchers discovered that people that crave for chocolate have different types of microbial colonies in their gut than those of us who are indifferent to chocolate.

So, does this mean that there is a link between our intestinal microbial ecology and the way we think?

God help us all!

A reference to the chocolate story 


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