En ‘aguas abiertas’. Entrevista a Erika Villaécija y Kiko Hervás

Natación aguas abiertas

Selección Española de Natación de Aguas Abiertas

La selección española de natación de aguas abiertas realiza un ‘stage’ en Playitas Resort. Kiko Hervás, entrenador nacional y dos veces olímpico y la nadadora Erika Villaécija, campeona del mundo y tres veces campeona de Europa nos hablan de la concentración, de motivación, alimentación y sus experiencias. Continue reading




Most people want change, change in their body shape, weight and appearance.  They want to be healthier, live longer and stronger lives, to not have to visit the medical doctor, to not rely on medicine for any or every little thing they encounter in their lives.  People want to live a less stressful life and have deeper meaning of their free time.


Of all these people, who really wants the change?  Who really wants to put in some effort to make it happen?  Change does not happen by looking at yourself in the mirror every morning to see if something happened.  No, change is to be planned and executed, to be nurtured and embraced with discipline.

Change happens in your mind first! Change happens when you do not hit the snooze button. It happens when you are feeling hungry and go to the pantry and fridge without a plan.  It happens in small, insignificant moments where you make decisions, meaningly microscopic decisions.  That is when real change happens.  Start with change in your mind, by setting it free, by making consiously thousands of positive insignificant decisions every day. That is when change will happen 😉

November at Playitas

Villa 05Sure you are thinking about your next vacation. Let us tell you about why you should come to Playitas. We have no hurricane season down here and life generally moves at a lacy pace in Fuerteventura. Our accommodations include a hotel, an aparthotel (perfect for families) and 24 exclusive villas – see photo- with private pool. The varied complementary offer that the resort presents and the proximity to the  typical fishermen town of Las Playitas is a must. Be seduced by our culinary art, the 18 picturesque courses at Playitas Golf with a warm and sunny weather virtually year-round means it’s possible to get in a game just about any time.

Did you forget any of your staff? No problem! Go shopping in the Sport Shop where our colleagues will gladly advise you about what you really need. Anything else? Just go to the supermarket where you’ll find fresh and local products.

Entertainment is very important for your vacation and the sports team has always something to show you and the kids will join to an interactive world of learning and adventures.

We just want to wish you a lovely vacation and we would be happy to hear comments on your stay as we strive to continually improve our service 🙂