Fighting for Linda and Edith. HELP US!


Our dear friends and famous triathletes Edith Niederfriniger and Linda Scattolin were involved in an accident with a bus in South Africa. It has not yet been firmly established but it is suspected that brake problems caused a bus carrying local rugby team to lose control and force the two athletes into the path of a truck. Medivac by helicopter took them to two different hospitals. The crash cost three lives and thirty people suffering injuries. Initially there was little news coming from the hospitals other than that both Italians were lucky and that their conditions were thankfully not life-threatening. Read more?

Due to some problems with their insurance that is not covering all the amount is why we all joined together in doing our bit in this cause. A special raffle is organized by Playitas Resort and it will take place next Saturday, March14 (20.30 h) at Sports Bar and the prize will be a week stay at Playitas valid for 2 people on half-board basis.

Also,  t-shirts will be on sale and a money box for collecting any help.

The price of the tickets and t-shirts will be 10 € each one and the money obtained will be donated to a bank account opened for this purpose.

If you are interested in helping Linda and Edith, you may buy the tickets at Playitas Groups and Events office – nearby Playitas Hotel reception –

THANK YOU very much for your help!



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