Are you a morning runner?

morning run 1 6.20 in the morning. It’s dark outside and just two thoughts in your mind. Go out and run. But before wearing your shoes, you must follow a few simple steps in order to get good results.

  • Try to sleep 7-8 hours.
  • When the alarm sounds, don’t say-think ‘five more minutes’ 😉
  • We want to expose ourselves to bright light to signal to our brain that it’s time to be awake. If you live alone, no problem. If not, you can keep your gear in any place where the light won’t bother anybody. May be some of you sleep in your running clothes 😛 so you have no excuse to wake up and go.

morning run 2

  • Your body needs some fuel for an early morning run. Having just a coffee (it’s incredible how fast the caffeine acts), drinking some water, eating a banana (Plátano de Canarias are best tasting bananas in the world) or an energy bar is quite important so you are not running on empty.
  • Warm up!

Now you have stablished small routines, you are ready to run and enjoy or are you still looking for good reasons to run? We are not going to give those about how healthy a morning run is. We’ll write about the ‘other ones’. morning run 3 It is usually dark when we start our run and progressively gets lighter and lighter as we go and get to see a beautiful sunrise at Playitas bay every time we run early in the morning. Is not a good one? More? We see the same people around Playitas walking their dogs or also going for a morning run, although we don’t know their names we all know that we are starting out our day in a great way. Another reason is how fast we are asleep in about 2 or 3 minutes every night. It’s awesome!! We are pretty sure you have your own reasons and your comments will be really appreciated 🙂 Free your mind, free your run! 😉