Playitas crew rocks Fudenas MTB Marathon 2016

The Fudenas MTB Marathon crosses the island from north to south (158km) through all kinds of typical desert and volcanic landscapes of the island.

Organized by the army taking advantage of a simulation exercise of a population evacuation in case of armed conflict creates a perfect symbiosis with the sport.


This year the participation reached almost 3000 cyclists. Some made the journey in two days (route) and the bravest covered the distance in a single day (race).

Five staff members of Playitas Resort took the start in the race.

Dario Cespa, Jose Maria Alvarez, Sandra Marquez, Luis Arráez and Tomas Delgado.


The hardness of the race this year compounded by the accumulated mud from past rains and the headwind took their toll on our team with mechanical problems and physical problems.

Two of our colleagues reached the finish line with remarkable times. Jose Maria Alvarez finished with a time of 7h24 ‘coming 225th overall while Luis Arráez finished in 6h11’, coming 35th place overall.


Thanks to Playitas Resort we were able to prepare for the race with the support they provided and complete the race in confort thanks to the team kit they provided.

We hope that next year more colleagues and guests will join this adventure.

More info in:

Pictures by: MAJ Photography –



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