Interview with pro triathlete: Ironman winner Anja Beranek preparing for new season at Playitas Resort

Question: Hello Anja – first we’d like to thank you for taking the time for this interview. Our first question: When will you be arriving at Playitas Resort – and which are your goals and expectations regarding your stay?

Anja Beranek: I’ll arrive at Playitas Resort on January, 14th and start my season preparation there until February, 4th. My ultimate goal is to have a successful training experience that will make me stronger and faster for the 2017 season.

Playitas Resort has been my second home and winter residence since 2011 – here’s where I can enjoy the perfect training conditions.

You just described Playitas Resort as your “second home”. Can you explain what makes Playitas such a special place for you and other pro athletes?

The resort has everything ambitioned triathletes need. It’s just top notch. The training environment couldn’t be any better: For swimming preparation you have the Olympic-size pool. When it comes to improving your cycling performance, you can benefit from Fuerteventura’s perfect weather conditions and its’ streets with almost no significant traffic.

Additionally, there are various challenging running tracks and high quality treadmills in Playitas’ well equipped gym.


As you’ve just explained, Playitas Resort offers you the perfect training conditions. But as every ambitioned athlete knows, there’s a second crucial factor for individual training success: Having the option to regenerate properly in an ideal environment. What’s your opinion about Playitas concerning this matter?

When it comes to regeneration, Playitas offers me the ideal conditions. The food menu is very diverse, delicious and perfectly adjusted to athletes’ needs. When I’m in the mood for relaxation after an exhausting training session, I love to enjoy the comforts of Playitas’ wellness area or just lie down to sunbathe in some of its’ cozy corners. At Playitas, I can find everything I need to recharge my batteries.

All the hard work, the sweat and the passion you’re going to put in during the next few weeks are part of your preparation for the new season. Which goals did you set yourself for 2017? Is there an event you’re going to focus on especially?

My main event will be the IRONMAN World Championship, starting on October, 14th at Kona/Hawaii. I want to improve my performance and achieve an even better ranking than last year (Editor’s note: 4th rank). Additionally, I want to experience the “perfect race”.

Can you explain a little bit more what this “perfect race” does look and feel like?

The “perfect race” is a competition at which I “rock” all of the three categories. I am able to deliver my top performance – physically and mentally. A race that just feels perfect from start to finish, in which I’m making the right decisions and reward myself with a nice ranking.

Thanks for the interview, Anja. We wish you a good time at Playitas Resort and a successful 2017!

Pictures taken by: Dr. Marco Müller


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