Playitas & Partners – #1: BMC Switzerland

The leading bicycle manufacturer provides Playitas Resort with top notch bikes from all categories. Every product of BMC Switzerland is the result of their unique brand philosophy: to create a quality standard that is higher than what is usually expected. Here’s what makes BMC Switzerland and their bikes every ambitioned cyclist’s dream.


BMC Switzerland  history – The long way to the top

BMC Switzerland was founded in Grenchen (Switzerland) 1994. In the beginning, the company put a strong emphasis on distributing mountain bikes only. BMC Switzerland was established as a well-known brand in Switzerland during the following decade. But their strategy of focusing on the mountain bike segment proved less and less successful in the late 1990s – as this time span marked the beginning of the commercially profitable road bike era. New markets emerged in which BMC Switzerland had no real share.

Things started to change for the better when Swiss entrepreneur Andy Rihs took over in 2000.

The owner of Phonak AG – an internationally operating company for hearing aid devices – realigned BMC Switzerland’s strategy: Under Rihs’ leadership, the company started to focus on developing innovative designs for professional road bikes. By building a carbon production center and the “Impec Lab”, BMC Switzerland was able to develop products that now are widely regarded as “Porsche among road bicycles”.

The new production approach was accompanied by new marketing operations – in 2002 BMC Switzerland became the official bike supplier of the Phonak Cycling Team that took part in Tour de France several times.

The success of said measures began to unfold in 2003. For the first time, BMC Switzerland started exporting its products internationally. On top of that, the BMC pro machine – the first CNT (Carbon Nanotubes) frame with a weight of less than 1 kilogram – won various important design prices.

Since 2007, the Swiss brand is the main sponsor and supplier of the BMC Racing Team. The biggest success in their history was when Cadel Evans won the Tour de France on a BMC bike in 2011. This triumph was followed by Greg van Avermaet’s gold medal victory at the road race of the Olympic Games in Rio, 2016.


2011 Tour de France Champion Cadel Evans on BMC Switzerland

Today, BMC Switzerland distributes its bicycles all over the world, with the US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Italy being the main markets.

BMC Switzerland bikes at Playitas Resort – High quality for high demands

In November 2016, two powerhouses of the cycling world joined forces, when BMC Switzerland and Playitas Resort announced a close cooperation between their two brands. At Playitas Resort’s bike center, ambitioned cyclists now can choose their favorite model out of 161 bikes in total:

This wide range of different bike models enables every guest to find the bike that fits to her or him perfectly – so it does not come as a surprise that the cyclists’ feedback so far has been overwhelmingly good: “During the past few months I’ve had the chance to talk with many guests about the experience they made with the BMC bicycles they rented. So far, their reaction can be summed up as extremely positive.”, Lasse Christiansen, cycling expert of Playitas Resort is happy to report.


In the future, the cooperation between BMC Switzerland and Playitas Resort will be extended, with additional top notch bikes being available for our cycling-loving guests. We will keep you up to date!


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