Half Marathon des Sables Fuerteventura 2017


Playitas Resort along with its partners, tour operators Apollo Sports for Scandinavia and DERTour for
Germany, Austria & Switzerland, are proud to be official sponsors of the HALF MARATHON DES SABLES
FUERTEVENTURA’s first edition . The half marathon will take place between September 25th and 30th.

Playitas Resort is a paradise for sporty holidays. Ideally located by the seaside, on the island of
Fuerteventura, the Resort enjoys the extraordinary weather of the Canaries. Here, clients have
everything they need to practice, train and perform. From sports facilities such as a 50-m outdoor pool,
700m2 fitness centre, to installations dedicated to recovery (sauna, hammam, etc.), and from special
services to buffets, Playitas Resort, DERTour & Apollo Sports have been ideally designed to
offer a sportive stay with zero constraint. Of course, families will be able to find activities that will allow
each member to have unforgettable holidays.

The Marathon des Sables has launched the Half Marathon des Sables. This new race will enable
all those who dream of the mythic Marathon des Sables Maroc to discover the spirit of this
adventure thanks to a more accessible event. Playitas Resort, DERTour & Apollo Sports
support this new adventure as an official partner of the event. During the 3rd and last stage, the
competitors will have the opportunity to cross the finish line of this extraordinary adventure at the
doors of Playitas Resort and will enjoy a fantastic evening gala at its heart. And for their last night, the
bivouac will be installed within the resort itself!

Thanks to this partnership, each competitor will be able to enjoy the accommodation options offered by
Playitas Resort, DERTour & Apollo Sports.

To learn more, visit http://www.playitas.net/ or http://www.marathondessables.com/en/marathon-des-sables-fuerteventura




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