Eat healthy at Playitas Resort: Dinner menu

Recharge your batteries: Playitas’ healthy dinner menu offers you everything you need to regenerate from a long and successful training day. After we already presented our delicious and healthy breakfast menu to you, it’s now time to focus on the meal that will re-energize you after physically challenging activities.

In this article we explain to you what your body needs at dinner time and how the dinner at Playitas Restaurant supports your successful regeneration.

Healthy Food Station

Homegrown herbs and vegetables for your healthy food experience

To remain healthy and full of energy, we all need a well-balanced diet that consists of protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. To keep our served food as clean, healthy and local as possible, we obtain herbs and vegetables from our own bio orchard.


In our orchard we grow fresh and healthy food for you


Fresh vegetables and herbs are cultivated in our orchard

High-quality proteins for more energy and muscle growth

Proteins are essential for your natural muscle growth. Your muscle fibers need these nutrients to build up new and recover old ones. It is also required for building, maintaining, and repairing tissues, cells, and organs throughout the body. For this requirement we offer you a High Protein Corner with dishes that supply you with loads of natural protein.

Valuable carbohydrates & vitamins for more power and endurance

Carbohydrates  – sometimes simply referred to as carbs – are an important fuel for your body, especially when being physically active. Carbs provide necessary calories for long and tough workout sessions. The wide selection of our high carb dishes will help you to recharge your energy storage best for the next day.


The menu is supplemented by crisp sauté specialties, fish, fresh vegetables and a wide meat range with chicken or turkey, beef and pig. And if you’re looking for an extra burst of freshness: have a look at the super tasty fruit corner.

Get yourself a delicious energy boost – our dinner is ready for you on a daily basis between 7:45 and 9:15 pm at Playitas Resort Restaurant!


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