#Playitaslovesnature – 7 things we do to become more sustainable

Green is better – this is what we believe in at Playitas Resort. In order to protect our beautiful planet and offer you a sustainable holiday experience, we are always trying to improve and figure out new measures.

We are convinced that even small changes can make a huge difference. By eliminating plastic straws and cups from our Food and Beverage offerings, we started building a sustainable concept towards a clean and ecological environment on Fuerteventura.

Step by step we are putting our words into actions and sustainable solutions for your active and green holidays.

You want to know more? Take a look at what we already do to become ‘greener’ and better every day.


  1. The Playitas Eco Garden
  2. Beach clean up: Hand in hand against waste and pollution
  3. Let’s clean our roads
  4. The Playitas Nature Team visits our main food supplier
  5. Reusable glasses to avoid plastic waste
  6. The Playitas Nature logo
  7. Playitas Nature Hashtags – Show that you care, too

The stunning view of our resort

1. The Playitas Eco Garden

Everything good starts with tasty and fresh food. That is why we have cultivated our Eco Garden which offers healthy vegetables and herbs. These are harvested by our chefs who then prepare them for you.

You can find all our vegetables and herbs in our buffet at our restaurant.


Different vegetables and herbs for a diverse offer at our restaurant


Healthy ingredients freshly from out Eco Garden

2. Beach clean up: Hand in hand against waste and pollution

Our resort is located on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura. We just love the nature surrounding us, especially the amazing ocean. Sadly, a considerable amount of waste is washed up at the shore every day.

In order to make our beach a cleaner place to stay, Playitas’ staff regularly gets together with motivated volunteers to pick up and get rid of the trash.

Step by step, we can make our environment cleaner – with every helpful hand we get.

A big ‘thank you’ to all participants and people who help us keep our environment clean.


Many hands work together for a cleaner planet


A big ‘thank you’ to all participants from the Playitas Team!

3. Let’s clean our roads

Cleaning the beach inspired us to take another step towards a cleaner Fuerteventura. We want to keep our roads clean and safe for everyone.

With this goal in mind, about 50 volunteers took part in our road cleaning action and set an example for the protection of our environment.


More than 50 volunteers grouped together and cleaned the road

After a great and productive day we rewarded the group with a well-deserved barbecue.


A well-deserved barbecue for the team

4. The Playitas Nature Team visits our main food supplier

At Playitas Resort, you can enjoy a healthy and diverse food offering. You want to know more about it? Click here to check out our Thai Food Corner and here for our great breakfast.

In order to witness the sustainable crop production and growing, the Playitas Nature Team recently visited the farm of our main food supplier.

Playitas Nature Team 6.jpeg

The Playitas Team visits our main food supplier

We were able to convince ourselves of the high quality of the fresh and healthy ingredients which are used for our dishes at the restaurant.

Playitas Nature Team 5.jpg

Fresh tomatoes – Grown on Fuerteventura

We are happy that we can offer you fresh and healthy food, grown and prepared here on Fuerteventura.

5. Reusable glasses to avoid plastic waste

With our brand new reusable glasses, branded with our Playitas Nature Logo, you can enjoy a refreshing drink by the pool, near the sea and also at home.

At the same time, you’re reducing plastic usage at Playitas Resort. Isn’t that great?


Our reusable glasses are perfect for a refreshing drink

Interested in getting your very own Playitas reusable glass? Here’s where you can get them:

For 1€, you can buy your reusable glass at the Pool Bar, the Palapa Bar or in our supermarket.

In order to give our efforts toward environment protection an official character, we created our Playitas Nature logo, which we are happy to share with you.

Playitas Nature_Final

Oh, by the way: Besides our branded reusable glasses – which you can already buy – there’s more to come for you soon. Can you guess what it is? (small hint: You may wear it!)

7. Playitas Nature Hashtags – Show that you care, too!

To all who already follow us on Instagram (and to the others: we definitely recommend it!): our sustainable hashtags #playitaslovesnature and #playitasnature have been launched to give you an overview of what we are doing.

We are continuously increasing our sustainable actions and we want to share them with you. We would be very happy if you share your green actions with us, too.

You collected waste from the beach or enjoyed a refreshing drink from our reusable glasses? Or did something else that was in mother nature’s best interest?

We invite you to tag @playitasresort and use these hashtags so that we can see what our great community is doing to make our planet cleaner.

Together we can make a change and work towards a greener planet.

The first actions have been implemented and we are motivated to become even more sustainable.

You got ideas for green actions at Playitas? Write us and let’s get greener – Every day.




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