¡Feliz cumpleaños! – Happy Birthday! – Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!


Hoy lunes 30 de noviembre cumplimos años. Una década de ilusión, cambios, deporte, servicio y todo lo que rodea un resort turístico con un hotel, un aparthotel y 24 villas, piscina olímpica, pabellón cubierto y más instalaciones que puedes ver aquí.

Hace 10 años decidimos diferenciamos de otros resorts de Fuerteventura apostando por un segmento que en el 2005 no estaba en auge. En 10 años hemos evolucionado con nuevas instalaciones, hemos acertado apostando por deportes como el triatlón, la carrera de montaña y también hemos cometido errores, que intentamos subsanar con voluntad y la mejor de nuestras sonrisas. Tenemos un alto índice de clientes que repiten, el apoyo de las instituciones de la isla, una plantilla profesional que da lo mejor de si día tras día y mucha ilusión en seguir ofreciendo a nuestros clientes las mejores vacaciones activas de su vida. Esperamos verte pronto en Playitas Resort y a todos los que componen la familia de Playitas… ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! 🙂


Today, November 30 we are celebrating our tenth birthday. A decade full of hope, changes, sport and service combined in one resort consisting of a Hotel, Aparthotel, 24 Villas, an Olympic Pool as well as a sports hall. Click here for further information about these and other facilities.

10 years ago we decided to differentiate ourselves from the other resorts of Fuerteventura and set on a segment largely unknown in 2005.

 Within 10 years our resort strongly evolved with its new facilities. We celebrated great success with sports such as triathlon and trailrun – but also we made mistakes we made up for with strong willpower and a smile.

We hold a high number of repeated customers, receive support from the island´s institutions and have a professional and highly-motivated team, giving its best each day in pursuing the target to offer our clients the best active holidays of their lives.

 We hope to welcome you and everybody forming the Playitas-Family soon at Playitas Resort…Happy Birthday! 🙂


Heute, den 30. November, feiern wir unseren zehnten Geburstag. Ein Jahrzehnt der Hoffnung, Veränderungen, Sport und Service vereint in einem Ferienort bestehend aus dem Hotel, Aparthotel, 24 Villen, einem Olympischen Pool sowie einer Sporthalle. Informationen zu diesen und den weiteren Einrichtungen finden Sie hier.

 Vor 10 Jahren haben wir uns dazu entschlossen, uns von den anderen Resorts auf Fuerteventura zu differenzieren und auf eine Spezialisierung zu setzen, welche im Jahre 2005 weitestgehend unbekannt war.

 Innerhalb von 10 Jahren hat sich unser Resort mit neuen Einrichtungen stark entwickelt – wir hatten grossen Erfolg mit Sportarten wie Triathlon und Trailrun- aber wir haben auch Fehler gemacht, welche wir vor Allem mit eisernem Willen und einem Lächeln wieder gut gemacht haben.

Wir haben eine hohe Anzahl an Stammkunden, die Unterstützung der Institutionen der Insel, ein professionelles Team, welches Tag für Tag sein bestes gibt und mit grosser Motivation weiterhin das Ziel verfolgt, unseren Kunden den besten aktiven Urlaub ihres Lebens zu bereiten.

 Wir hoffen dich und all diejenigen, die die Playitas-Familie bilden, bald im Playitas Resort begrüssen zu dürfen…Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! 🙂


Golf and Tennis Tournaments

Cartel Golf

And the question became to you. How  do I control these emotions so that I can play to the best of my ability?

Of course we are talking about the tennis and golf tournaments which are coming to Playitas Resort in a few days. The Playitas Golf Open and The Playitas Tennis Open. 

On May 10, 2014 we start with the first of the tournaments. The Playitas Golf Open. At Playitas Golf, everything is ready for a  Classic Golf Tournament in Fuerteventura. The course looks pretty good, Murdo is very excited and all the golfers are expecting to repeat the big moments they enjoyed last year. Of course, Playitas Resort is ready to give a warm welcome to all players and golf lovers. But Golf seems to take more time than most sports to get a good grasp of how to hit the ball, or even how to act on a golf course. Don’t worry about it! Just enjoy the course and have fun!😉

So let’s go for the second one in a row. On May 22, 2014  the Playitas Tennis Open will take place at Playitas Tennis Courts. Prize money: 2.000 € and a grand prize draw. Jörg is so excited as Murdo about this event. But to enjoy the tennis open you must keep your diet. Loading up on carbohydrates the night before is not an effective way to prepare your body for the competition. You need to build up your nutrient stores in advance, so start eating carb-heavy food — like pasta, oatmeal, salad, and rice — four days before the Playitas Tennis Open begins. Carbs are your main source of energy, so consume more of them heading up to your match, even if it means cutting down on your intake of meat and other proteins.

Foto cartel open tenis

Likewise, increase your potassium intake. Eating two bananas – Plátano de Canarias is the best – every day, three or four days before your tournament will help you retain water. During the week leading up to the tournament, you should also be drinking water throughout the day. You’ll probably spend more time than usual in the bathroom :-(, but proper hydration is absolutely necessary for your muscles and to prevent cramps. But as we wrote about the Playitas Golf Open… just enjoy the competition and don’t forget an easy thought …Free Your Mind! 😉