Eat healthy at Playitas Resort: Dinner menu

Recharge your batteries: Playitas’ healthy dinner menu offers you everything you need to regenerate from a long and successful training day. After we already presented our delicious and healthy breakfast menu to you, it’s now time to focus on the meal that will re-energize you after physically challenging activities.

In this article we explain to you what your body needs at dinner time and how the dinner at Playitas Restaurant supports your successful regeneration.

Healthy Food Station

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New sport hotel on Fuerteventura: La Pared – powered by Playitas

  • Sport activities like surfing, mountain biking, motocross
  • 93 comfortable rooms in 3+ star singles and couples resort
  • Golden sand beach of La Pared just 380 metres away
  • Get all the info at:
Pool in front of the La Pared sport hotel

Our clear blue water pool offers you a chance to relax

La Pared – General Info

You want to experience challlenging sports activitites – and still enjoy the benefits of a comfortable and cozy hotel? Then “La Pared – powered by Playitas” might be the perfect place for you.

Located in the wild south-west of sunny Fuerteventura, our new sport hotel offers athletes the option to enjoy a variety of  sports activities.

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Half Marathon des Sables Fuerteventura 2017

El complejo PLAYITAS RESORT y sus dos asociados, los tour operadores DERTOUR (para los mercados deAlemania, Austria y Suiza) y APOLLO SPORTS, (para los países escandinavos) acompañan al HALFMARATHON DES SABLES FUERTEVENTURA en su primera edición como patrocinadores oficiales.

PLAYITAS RESORT es un paraíso para las vacaciones deportivas. Idealmente situado a la orilla del mar, en la isla de Fuerteventura, cuenta con las extraordinarias condiciones climáticas de las Islas Canarias. Losclientes encuentran aquí todo lo necesario para practicar deporte, entrenarse o mantenerse en forma.El Resort, dispone desde instalaciones deportivas, tales como piscina olímpica de 50 m., 700m2 de gimnasio, instalaciones para la recuperación (sauna, hamman,..) e incluso variedad de restaurantes y bufets.

PLAYITAS RESORT, DERTOUR & APOLLO SPORTS han sido diseñados para ofrecer unas vacaciones deportivas sin límite. Por supuesto, las familias podrán encontrar actividades con las que cada miembro podrá disfrutar de unas vacaciones inolvidables.

¡El MARATHON DES SABLES lanza la HALF MARATHON DES SABLES FUERTEVENTURA! Esta nueva carrera va a permitir a todos los que sueñan con el mítico MARATHON DES SABLES MAROC, descubrir el espíritu de esta aventura en un formato más accesible. PLAYITAS RESORT, junto con DERTOUR y APOLLO SPORTS, acompañan este nuevo reto como patrocinadores del evento. En la 3 a y última etapa, los competidores tendrán el placer de cruzar la línea de meta de esta extraordinaria experiencia a las puertas del Resort y compartir una magnífica velada de gala en el corazón del complejo.

En la última noche, el campamento será instalado en las inmediaciones del Resort. Cada competidor tendrá la posibilidad de disfrutar de las instalaciones que ofrece PLAYITAS RESORT, y los tour operadores asociados DERTOUR y APOLLO SPORTS en el marco de esta colaboración.

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Playitas & Partners – #1: BMC Switzerland

The leading bicycle manufacturer provides Playitas Resort with top notch bikes from all categories. Every product of BMC Switzerland is the result of their unique brand philosophy: to create a quality standard that is higher than what is usually expected. Here’s what makes BMC Switzerland and their bikes every ambitioned cyclist’s dream.


BMC Switzerland  history – The long way to the top

BMC Switzerland was founded in Grenchen (Switzerland) 1994. In the beginning, the company put a strong emphasis on distributing mountain bikes only. BMC Switzerland was established as a well-known brand in Switzerland during the following decade. But their strategy of focusing on the mountain bike segment proved less and less successful in the late 1990s – as this time span marked the beginning of the commercially profitable road bike era. New markets emerged in which BMC Switzerland had no real share.

Things started to change for the better when Swiss entrepreneur Andy Rihs took over in 2000.

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Interview with pro triathlete: Ironman winner Anja Beranek preparing for new season at Playitas Resort

Question: Hello Anja – first we’d like to thank you for taking the time for this interview. Our first question: When will you be arriving at Playitas Resort – and which are your goals and expectations regarding your stay?

Anja Beranek: I’ll arrive at Playitas Resort on January, 14th and start my season preparation there until February, 4th. My ultimate goal is to have a successful training experience that will make me stronger and faster for the 2017 season.

Playitas Resort has been my second home and winter residence since 2011 – here’s where I can enjoy the perfect training conditions.

You just described Playitas Resort as your “second home”. Can you explain what makes Playitas such a special place for you and other pro athletes?

The resort has everything ambitioned triathletes need. It’s just top notch. The training environment couldn’t be any better: For swimming preparation you have the Olympic-size pool. When it comes to improving your cycling performance, you can benefit from Fuerteventura’s perfect weather conditions and its’ streets with almost no significant traffic.

Additionally, there are various challenging running tracks and high quality treadmills in Playitas’ well equipped gym.


As you’ve just explained, Playitas Resort offers you the perfect training conditions. But as every ambitioned athlete knows, there’s a second crucial factor for individual training success: Having the option to regenerate properly in an ideal environment. What’s your opinion about Playitas concerning this matter?

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Interview mit Pro-Triathletin Anja Beranek: Ironman Gewinnerin absolviert Saisonvorbereitung im Playitas Resort

Hallo Anja, danke, dass du dir die Zeit für ein kurzes Interview genommen hast. Wann wirst du ins Playitas Resort reisen – und was erhoffst du dir von deinem Aufenthalt?

Ich werde am 14. Januar anreisen und mich dann bis zum 04. Februar im Resort vorbereiten. Von meinem Aufenthalt verspreche ich mir vor allen Dingen Trainingserfolg: Ich will stark und schnell werden für die Saison 2017. Das Playitas Resort ist seit 2011 meine zweite Heimat und Winterdomizil. Hier habe ich perfekte Trainingsbedingungen.

Du hast das Playitas Resort als deine “zweite Heimat” bezeichnet. Kannst du näher erläutern, was du als Elite-Triathletin an Playitas besonders schätzt?

Das Resort hat alles, was man als Triathletin braucht – und das auf höchstem Niveau. Die Trainingsbedingungen sind optimal: Der 50-Meter-Pool auf olympischem Standard fürs Schwimmen. Die perfekten klimatischen Bedingungen und wenig befahrenen Straßen fürs Radfahren. Viele herausfordernde Laufstrecken und hochwertige Laufbänder, sowie ein exzellent ausgerüstetes Fitnesscenter.


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