El camino – The way – Der Weg


EN esta vida con tanto ‘stress’, hacer ejercicio, practicar algún deporte o simplemente caminar, debe ser una salida para mejorar tu vida. No se trata de hacer 90 kilómetros en una carrera de ‘trail’ (que también puedes entrenar para conseguirlo) sino de hacer un hueco en nuestra agenda, tener un poquito de disciplina y ‘movernos’ al día por lo menos una media hora.

Y en Playitas Resort tenemos preparado un plan de escape. En definitiva, esa salida para que a través del deporte, de forma individual, en grupo o con un entrenador personal disfrutes de las mejores vacaciones de tu vida y consigas tu meta. Much@s ya lo hacen con nosotros. ¿Te apuntas al reto? 😉


IN this life with so much stress, doing exercise, practicing sport or even just walking gives us an escape for a better life.  You don´t have to do a 90km trail race (although you can train for it), just make a space in your day, have a little discipline and move for at least 30 minutes daily.

In Playitas Resort we have an escape plan for this.  By using sport, individually, in groups or with a personal trainer you can enjoy the best holiday of your life.  Reap the rewards, many people already are.  Join us and we will help you achieve your goals 😉


IN unserem Leben mit all dem ‘Stress’, trainieren, Sport zu treiben oder einfach nur zu laufen, muss es einen Weg geben, Dein Leben zu verbessern. Es müssen nicht gleich die 90 Kilometer in einem ‚trail‘ Rennen sein (was man aber auch trainieren kann, um es zu schaffen). Aber wir können eine Lücke in unserem Terminkalender schaffen, ein klein wenig Disziplin haben und uns jeden Tag ‚bewegen‘, zumindest eine halbe Stunde.

Und in Playitas Resort haben wir einen Fluchtplan vorbereitet. Kurz gesagt, durch diesen Aufbruch durch den Sport, individuell, in einer Gruppe oder mit genieβt du den besten Urlaub deines Lebens und erreichst deine Ziele. Viele machen dies schon mit uns. Nimmst Du die Herausforderung an? 😉 


Finding the way

1When it comes to gearing up for workout, perseverance is the key to success.

* How important is the regular physical activity for good health?

* Looking for some effective ways to transform your body?

Regular physical activity is important to maintain a healthy weight or even if you are trying to lose weight fast. If you are looking for transforming your body, we introduce you some exercises that will help you to reach your goal in no time. Of course, you can practice all of them at Playitas Resort. Don’t hesitate and ask to our fitness instructors how to do exercises properly. Please, do it!

Push-ups can be done anywhere and is an exercise that people avoid, but it can do wonders for your body as well as lunges. Lunges give you such amazing results because use your body weight to strengthen your legs, arms and stomach. That’s the reason they are extremely effective.

The squat is a full-body exercise that works many muscles. Doing squats regularly you will ‘incinerate’ a lot of calories to transform your body.

Good news for all who love swimming. It’s a workout that will bring you astonishing results. We have an Olympic Pool at Playitas that you can enjoy the whole year with a water temperature between 25 and 26 degrees. If you love ‘open water’ swimming, the beach nearby Playitas provides you the best experience in the Atlantic Sea.

There are many benefits of running because transforms your body like nothing else. Running is one of the top activities for burning fat. At Playitas, we see people running especially early in the morning, and think it’s one of the best exercises to do every day.C2C promo C7 logo blanco

Start riding the ‘red line’ for almost 4 k and discover how beautiful the island of Fuerteventura is.  Cycling is associated with improved cardiovascular fitness. Riding a bike is great for toning and building your muscles. Just make sure you do them on a regular basis to see the best results as we wrote on the top – perseverance-.

One more thing, quite simple… Free your mind! 😉


It ́s not me, it ́s them…


Funny how technology and science allow us to discover wonders about ourselves as human beings. Those things can sometimes be very shocking or can sometimes be very revealing. Take for instances this example, we are built out of about ten trillion cells but we are host to tens of trillions of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and other invisible organisms that symbiotically inhabit our skin, proliferate in our saliva and thrive in our digestive tract. Are we really in control of our own body? We would think we can be glad that a lot of it all is pretty automated and on top, most of the foreigners are friendly and actually help us in some sort of way.

But what we wanted to say is that some things occur and are actually linked to micro organisms that are not ours. For instance, Swiss researchers discovered that people that crave for chocolate have different types of microbial colonies in their gut than those of us who are indifferent to chocolate.

So, does this mean that there is a link between our intestinal microbial ecology and the way we think?

God help us all!

A reference to the chocolate story 

Eating the ‘right way’.

Captura de pantalla 2014-03-07 a la(s) 16.35.30

Ok, I am just a normal guy.  I do not have a nutritional degree nor am I a doctor. I am just a normal average guy who decided to have a closer look at what I am eating and what anyone eats in a normal way.

We all know what the society has as problems fighting the over weight new generation of kids and the actual generation of teenagers.  How did we get this far? It is obvious, nobody seems to bother anymore about being interested how they eat or better, what they eat.

I get tremendously frustrated when I walk into a supermarket and get overwhelmed by whole rows of healthy food products. I mean, just read the labels of all these products.  One tries to outperform the next sketching the health effects their products have on the human body. If it were the case that these products were that healthy (at the point of becoming super human) than why is it that we do not have a healthy generation of people walking around? Ah, you say, that is because we still have the freedom of choice.  We can decide if we eat those health products or not (and most of us do not).  But, is it not healthiest to get Mother Nature in your tummy instead of all these prefabricated products that have been treated so you can store them for the next 7 years? Well, than we get to the element of not having time to prepare, taste, create, elaborate.  We have become a nation of minute time counters… The less we do, the better it is, at least that is what our brains have become masters at.  We also seem to work incredible hours which leads us to notime at all for food matters.  Or is that a subject of productivity better left untouched? The fact is, we do not have time!

At Playitas Resort, we do make time for these things.  Actually, it one of the most important things.  We elaborate healthy dishes for you to savor without you having to lift a finger.  We work with local products, fresh of the day so that we do not have to bother with food elements that can be shelved for decades.

Sandwich & FF

It is true that we do not just offer the healthy stuff, we also offer the more calorie based dishes but that has a good reason, you are on holidays at Playitas Resort and we do not want to create an environment that reflect the most draconian lifestyle change you have ever seen or lived.  Instead we offer the possibility to a gradual adaptation (don’t get me wrong, if you want the draconian way, we can offer you that).

 But even so, combining this with some exercise (another element we have no time for it seems) leads us to a far healthier way of living than we know now.  Why not take a first step and get some expert advice at the Resort before you start changing?

But remember, we have the stuff, you need to muster the will to change.

Oh and one more thing, it is not complicated, in fact, it is rather simple to change. Just free your mind!

Chill Out


Stress. We all want to escape from it from time to time. Some of us will go to a place far far away, others will submerge into reading or meditation. Others will find their refuge into activities like sports.

We all know that exercising is good for your health, mentally and physically. However, there is one thing they always forget to tell you… Whatever you will do, do it if it is fun ! If not, it is a lost cause to start with.

And it is up to you really, you have the power to choose. That is right, you have a choice. There are many things in life that are simple matters of choice but we have difficulties to understand that it are choices! We really do not want to go into details here but one example; we all get upset from time to time, we all have someone we start hating for one reason or another. Well, that is in fact a choice you made. We know, that sounds ridiculous, but think about it.

As it goes, the same applies to escaping stress and enjoying it or not. The choice is yours. If you have someone you can share your thoughts with, talk about this. And if not, next time you are at Playitas Resort, if we are around, we can be your sparring partner.
Free your mind, the choice is yours!

The early bird catches the worm. Let’s run!

blog running

Going for a run in the morning has many advantages. It does not necessarily have to be a long run but it is recommended to keep it up for at least 30 minutes. There is nothing better than starting the work day with a refreshing activity like running. It gets your blood circulation going, it stimulates the fat burning process and in general, gives you a feeling of having already accomplished an important thing. I can hear you think… ‘yeah but I have to get up so early to go run?’ No way! Think about this. Try to go run with someone you know. The fact of running with someone does make it easier at the hour of getting out of bed (you feel like you cannot let the other person down). Try changing your running routes. Running is one of these sports that are normally not restricting you of going in one particular direction. Make it interesting, go and discover your surroundings. We are sure you do not know your surroundings that good and in that way (driving by in a car is not the same!). Running is life, just free your mind and go out there!

5 tips for running in the morning (spanish)

 Tips for running in the morning (English)


Recomendaciones del SPA de Playitas Resort. Circuito de Hidroterapia

sauna para blog

Aunque muchos de nosotros conocemos la sauna, desde TAU SPA en Playitas, consideramos necesario informarte sobre diferentes tratamientos de hidroterapia. Hoy hablamos sobre la Sauna Sueca o Sauna Seca; su descripción, protocolo y algunas recomendaciones. Quizás conozcas sus beneficios pero consideramos que hay información básica que es importante recordar.

Presente de distintas formas en muchas culturas a lo largo de todo el planeta, la hidroterapia  ha sido considerada desde tiempos muy remotos como un medio de purificación física, también como una forma de purificación espiritual.

La sauna sueca como la entendemos en nuestros días, tiene su origen en Suecia, donde se hizo popular y se difundió más tarde por todo el mundo.

La sauna clásica sueca consiste en una estructura de madera cerrada en forma de caseta en cuyo interior se encuentran asientos situados a diferentes alturas, de tal forma que los más elevados es donde hay más temperatura respecto a los niveles inferiores.

sauna piedras para blogEl calor procede de unas piedras calientes situadas en el interior de la sauna, estas se mantienen  a una alta temperatura gracias a un radiador de calor.  La temperatura oscila entre los 60 y 90 grados centígrados. Según la necesidad se vierte agua en un recipiente que va a parar a las piedras para dar cierta humedad a la sauna y así el calor no queme. La humedad oscila entre el 30 %.

Dado que la sauna favorece la dilatación de los vasos sanguíneos, no se aconseja su práctica en personas que sufren hipertensión o hipotensión, insuficiencia venosa, haya padecido un ictus,  tenga problemas cardíacos o padezca enfermedades cardiovasculares.

La Sauna Sueca presenta muchos beneficios como la eliminación de las tensiones físicas y psicoemocionales.

Además, la sauna como hidroterapia, se usa en la recuperación de los atletas tras la sesión de entrenamiento ya que es un medio excelente para favorecer la recuperación funcional y muscular. Por ello no es extraño ver a muchos atletas, ya sean profesionales o no, tomando una sauna en Playitas Resort después de su sesiones de entrenamiento.

Ejerce un efecto positivo sobre el sistema locomotor. En las contracturas musculares  flexibiliza los músculos y reduce su tensión. 

Ayuda en general a recuperar neuralgias, bursitis, espasmos musculares, rigidez articular, dolor artrítico y en general dolencias osteo-musculares.

termómetro sauna para blog

De efecto analgésico. El calor nos ayuda a aliviar el dolor, especialmente en personas con lesiones osteo-musculares.

Elimina toxinas y ácido láctico así como metales pesados tales el plomo, mercurio, zinc, níquel, cadmio, etc. También elimina el alcohol, nicotina, sodio, ácido sulfúrico y combate el colesterol.

Al liberar endorfinas ayuda a combatir el cansancio nervioso, el insomnio y el estrés. Su efecto sedante sobre el sistema nervioso favorece  la relajación. También, mejora la función cardiovascular. Al dilatar los vasos capilares obliga al corazón a bombear con más fuerza para mantener la presión sanguínea.  Reactiva la circulación periférica. Aumenta las defensas, regula el sistema hormonal, elimina virus y células tumorales.

masaje para blog

Aunque en la sauna no se pierde grasa si remodela la celulitis y los acúmulos adiposos. Con este fin es conveniente recibir un masaje en la zona adiposa seguido de la sauna.

Esperamos que te haya sido útil este post. Pero si tienes dudas o quieres saber más, acércate a nuestro SPA y pregúntanos. Será un placer para nosotros atenderte personalmente 🙂