Solidaridad en Playitas – Solidarity in the Playitas Resort – Solidarität im Playitas Resort


En la mañana de hoy 18 de julio, el Maitre de Playitas Resort Ludovic Boué ha entregado a Gema Gutierrez y Juan Ismael Cardona del Centro Familiar de Servicios Sociales del Ayuntamiento de Tuineje, la cantidad de 337 euros así como varias camisetas. Esta cantidad ha sido recolectada íntegramente entre los camareros de los restaurantes de nuestro resort y destinado al Proyecto Tarabilla, con el fin de ofrecer apoyo a las familias a través de la atención a los menores fuera del horario escolar ofreciendo apoyo educativo, actividades culturales, deportivas, de ocio y tiempo libre. El dinero recaudado será utilizado para que los menores acudan al Acua Water Park en Corralejo y disfruten de un día de ocio en el parque temático 🙂


On today’s morning, the 18th of june, the maître of the Playitas Resort, Ludovic Boué, handed over the amount of 337€ to Gema Gutierrez and Juan Ismael Cardona from the Centro Familiar de Servicios Sociales from the city council of Tuineje, along with t-shirts.

The money was collected from the waiters of our resort and is for the Tarabilla project. The money will help families, by offering educational support, cultural activities or sports for children after their school hours. The collected amount will be used for a day trip to the Acua Water Park in Corralejo 🙂


Am Morgen des 18.Juli übergab der Ludovic Boué, der Oberkellner des Playitas Resort, an Gema Gutierrez und Juan Ismael Cardona vom Centro Familiar de Servicios Sociales des Stadtrates von Tuineje eine Spende in Höhe von 337 Euro, ebenso wie Tshirts.

Der gesamte Betrag wurde unter den Kellnern unseres Resorts gesammelt und ist für das Tarabilla Projekt bestimmt. Es sollen finanziell schwache Familien unterstützt werden, indem auch nach der Schule pädagogische Unterstützung, kulturelle Aktivitäten oder Sport für die Kinder angeboten werden. Das gesammelte Geld wird für einen Tagesausflug in den Acua Water Park in Corralejo verwendet 🙂


¡Feliz cumpleaños! – Happy Birthday! – Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!


Hoy lunes 30 de noviembre cumplimos años. Una década de ilusión, cambios, deporte, servicio y todo lo que rodea un resort turístico con un hotel, un aparthotel y 24 villas, piscina olímpica, pabellón cubierto y más instalaciones que puedes ver aquí.

Hace 10 años decidimos diferenciamos de otros resorts de Fuerteventura apostando por un segmento que en el 2005 no estaba en auge. En 10 años hemos evolucionado con nuevas instalaciones, hemos acertado apostando por deportes como el triatlón, la carrera de montaña y también hemos cometido errores, que intentamos subsanar con voluntad y la mejor de nuestras sonrisas. Tenemos un alto índice de clientes que repiten, el apoyo de las instituciones de la isla, una plantilla profesional que da lo mejor de si día tras día y mucha ilusión en seguir ofreciendo a nuestros clientes las mejores vacaciones activas de su vida. Esperamos verte pronto en Playitas Resort y a todos los que componen la familia de Playitas… ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! 🙂


Today, November 30 we are celebrating our tenth birthday. A decade full of hope, changes, sport and service combined in one resort consisting of a Hotel, Aparthotel, 24 Villas, an Olympic Pool as well as a sports hall. Click here for further information about these and other facilities.

10 years ago we decided to differentiate ourselves from the other resorts of Fuerteventura and set on a segment largely unknown in 2005.

 Within 10 years our resort strongly evolved with its new facilities. We celebrated great success with sports such as triathlon and trailrun – but also we made mistakes we made up for with strong willpower and a smile.

We hold a high number of repeated customers, receive support from the island´s institutions and have a professional and highly-motivated team, giving its best each day in pursuing the target to offer our clients the best active holidays of their lives.

 We hope to welcome you and everybody forming the Playitas-Family soon at Playitas Resort…Happy Birthday! 🙂


Heute, den 30. November, feiern wir unseren zehnten Geburstag. Ein Jahrzehnt der Hoffnung, Veränderungen, Sport und Service vereint in einem Ferienort bestehend aus dem Hotel, Aparthotel, 24 Villen, einem Olympischen Pool sowie einer Sporthalle. Informationen zu diesen und den weiteren Einrichtungen finden Sie hier.

 Vor 10 Jahren haben wir uns dazu entschlossen, uns von den anderen Resorts auf Fuerteventura zu differenzieren und auf eine Spezialisierung zu setzen, welche im Jahre 2005 weitestgehend unbekannt war.

 Innerhalb von 10 Jahren hat sich unser Resort mit neuen Einrichtungen stark entwickelt – wir hatten grossen Erfolg mit Sportarten wie Triathlon und Trailrun- aber wir haben auch Fehler gemacht, welche wir vor Allem mit eisernem Willen und einem Lächeln wieder gut gemacht haben.

Wir haben eine hohe Anzahl an Stammkunden, die Unterstützung der Institutionen der Insel, ein professionelles Team, welches Tag für Tag sein bestes gibt und mit grosser Motivation weiterhin das Ziel verfolgt, unseren Kunden den besten aktiven Urlaub ihres Lebens zu bereiten.

 Wir hoffen dich und all diejenigen, die die Playitas-Familie bilden, bald im Playitas Resort begrüssen zu dürfen…Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! 🙂

Next stop –> Playitas Resort

Vista generalWhy should you choose Playitas Resort as your holiday destination? We are quite sure many of you have already visited  Playitas but if not, we’ll do our best to convince you 😉

  • Consider Playitas Resort as the place where sports activities have no end and take seriously when traveling with children and also as a beach destination for relaxation.
  • Easy to come! The current member states of the European Union don’t require a visa to visit Fuerteventura.
  • The Canaries are a safe destination.
  • Language: our colleagues speak Spanish, English, German and even is someone doesn’t speak your language, we are pretty sure he/she will do his/her best to find a colleague who will do it 🙂
  • Timing. Consider the best time to travel. You know where we are located. Anytime is a good time to come.
  • When you come to Playitas, we have shops, supermarket, cycle center and much more. Just come! We’ll be very happy to welcome you 🙂

November at Playitas

Villa 05Sure you are thinking about your next vacation. Let us tell you about why you should come to Playitas. We have no hurricane season down here and life generally moves at a lacy pace in Fuerteventura. Our accommodations include a hotel, an aparthotel (perfect for families) and 24 exclusive villas – see photo- with private pool. The varied complementary offer that the resort presents and the proximity to the  typical fishermen town of Las Playitas is a must. Be seduced by our culinary art, the 18 picturesque courses at Playitas Golf with a warm and sunny weather virtually year-round means it’s possible to get in a game just about any time.

Did you forget any of your staff? No problem! Go shopping in the Sport Shop where our colleagues will gladly advise you about what you really need. Anything else? Just go to the supermarket where you’ll find fresh and local products.

Entertainment is very important for your vacation and the sports team has always something to show you and the kids will join to an interactive world of learning and adventures.

We just want to wish you a lovely vacation and we would be happy to hear comments on your stay as we strive to continually improve our service 🙂

You are the reason… baby!

Buenos días

If one is looking for a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, then Playitas Resort is your answer.

Our resort, set nearby Las Playitas Village, with magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains, combines sports facilities, luxury accommodation and first-rate sports leisure activities.

Just 35 minutes’ drive from the airport and 50 minutes from Morro Jable in the south of Fuerteventura, the resort is ideal for active families, athletes or guests who specially love sun and relax in an open atmosphere.

Playitas Resort offers you three types of accommodation -hotel, aparthotel and villas- living with all the comforts imaginable.

Eating the right way? Then choose between a fully assorted buffet or 2 restaurants serving ‘a la carte’. Need more? Find it in a daily open supermarket.


For practicing sports such as swimming, there is an olympic pool, 18 hole golf course, indoor hall, 700 m2 fitness centre, 5 tennis courts, SPA, Multi Court for basketball, football or cycle centre where you may rent your size bike and much more.

The new tent has significantly added to the rest of sports facilities. It has more than 200 m2 for fitness activities.

Also, water sports facilities offering scuba diving, windsurfing and a host of other activities.

another day in paradise

What about night life? Playitas includes a Sports bar, the pub evening where drinking your favorite cocktail is a must.

After a long day of sports, you can unwind in the wellness centre offering luxurious spa treatments, sports and relax massages or even taking your kids to play mini-golf.

Overall, Playitas Resort features a fun design that adults and kids will love, especially those who love sports because… you are the reason  😉

How important are holidays to you?

Looking for a new destination to explore? You found it in Fuerteventura!

Piscina Aparthotel

We all love the same relaxing and fun activities of being on vacation, soaking up the sun poolside- we offer three different possibilities hotel, aparthotel or a private villa- , sipping a cold drink in one of our pool bars or maybe playing a round of golf at our 18 hole course…,  Yes, these activities are a big part of what makes a vacation at Playitas Resort but what if we could give you more?

Cócteles en piscina

Here at Playitas Resort we want your stay to become more than a vacation. It’s an active vacation. We want it to be a memorable experience to share with family and friends year after year. Our team will take you on an adventure during your stay with one of their many activities you can check in our website. Start your day with the ‘Sun Salutation’ or become more active and race around Playitas Resort, or choose among spinning, aqua aerobics or your favorite sport.  For a perfect end, we invite you to relax in our new Chill & Gin zone -coming on August 2- located at the Golf Club – the Birdie Bar –

And one simple thing… Free your mind! 😉


Saving our environment


We live in a society that needs efforts of all of its members safeguarding the environment. We do not do this for us but for the next generations to come. The most dreadful thing is those people with an attitude of not caring as they think someone else will take care of it.

At Playitas Resort, we have embraced this responsibility and have recently started to install recycling points -as you see in the picture- in every corner of the Resort to make it easy for the guest to participate in recycling. You might be surprised about the quantity of waste that a Resort produces because of its guests.

Surprisingly, it is still not common sense for the guest to participate as it seems that there is a dissociation between what one does at home and what one does on vacation. From Playitas’ side, we will continue our efforts of awareness and will crusade for a better environment for now and generations to come. So next time you are at Playitas Resort, think about the impact and contribution you can provide in sorting your waste at our recycling points. You can make a difference. And of course, your opinion counts. Feel free to comment. 🙂

Oh, and one more thing, it’s a simple thing, free your mind!