4ª Travesía a nado Playitas Resort – Gran Tarajal // 4th Open Water Swimming Contest Playitas Resort – Gran Tarajal //4. Schwimmrennen Playitas Resort – Gran Tarajal


El sábado 27 de agosto de 2016 tuvo lugar la 4ª Travesía a nado Playitas Resort – Gran Tarajal. La prueba de 5 kilómetros en aguas abiertas batió el record de inscritos con 101 nadadores que salieron de Playitas Resort con dirección a Gran Tarajal. El vencedor en categoría masculina fue Travis Bramley con un tiempo de 56’15” mientras que en la femenina se impuso Laura Adorni con un crono de 56’56”.

Un gran ambiente el vivido el sábado con mucho público tanto en la salida como en la meta. Muchas gracias a todos los patrocinadores, voluntarios, ayuntamiento y a nuestros compañeros de Playitas Resort por la ayuda en la prueba. El año que viene, más y mejor 🙂



On Saturday, the 27th of august 2016, the 4th swim from the Playitas Resort to Gran Tarajal took place. The race of 5 km in open water beat the record of registered people with 101 swimmers, who departure from Playitas Resort in the direction of Gran Tarajal. The winner from the men has been Travis Bramley with a time of 56,15“minutes while the feminine winner has been Laura Adorni with a time of 56,56” minutes.

On Saturday there has been a great atmosphere with a big audience at the start as well as at the goal. A big thank you to all the participants, volunteers, the community and our colleagues from Playitas Resort, for the help in this race. And in the next year, more and better 🙂


Am Samstag, den 27. August 2016, fand der 4. Schwimmlauf vom Playitas Resort nach Gran Tarajal statt. Das 5 km Rennen im offenen Meer brach dieses Jahr den Rekord an eingeschriebenen Personen mit 101 Schwimmern, welche vom Playitas Resort aus in Richtung Gran Tarajal starteten. Sieger unter den Männern wurde Travis Bramley mit einer Zeit von 56,15“, während Laura Adorni mit einer Zeit von 56,56“ Erste bei den Frauen.

Am Samstag herrschte eine großartige Stimmung mit vielen Zuschauern sowohl beim Start am Playitas Resort als auch im Ziel. Ein großes Dankeschön für die Hilfe beim Rennen geht an alle Teilnehmer, Freiwilligen Helfer, die Gemeinde und unsere Kollegen vom Playitas Resort. Nächstes Jahr wieder, größer und besser 🙂



El camino – The way – Der Weg


EN esta vida con tanto ‘stress’, hacer ejercicio, practicar algún deporte o simplemente caminar, debe ser una salida para mejorar tu vida. No se trata de hacer 90 kilómetros en una carrera de ‘trail’ (que también puedes entrenar para conseguirlo) sino de hacer un hueco en nuestra agenda, tener un poquito de disciplina y ‘movernos’ al día por lo menos una media hora.

Y en Playitas Resort tenemos preparado un plan de escape. En definitiva, esa salida para que a través del deporte, de forma individual, en grupo o con un entrenador personal disfrutes de las mejores vacaciones de tu vida y consigas tu meta. Much@s ya lo hacen con nosotros. ¿Te apuntas al reto? 😉


IN this life with so much stress, doing exercise, practicing sport or even just walking gives us an escape for a better life.  You don´t have to do a 90km trail race (although you can train for it), just make a space in your day, have a little discipline and move for at least 30 minutes daily.

In Playitas Resort we have an escape plan for this.  By using sport, individually, in groups or with a personal trainer you can enjoy the best holiday of your life.  Reap the rewards, many people already are.  Join us and we will help you achieve your goals 😉


IN unserem Leben mit all dem ‘Stress’, trainieren, Sport zu treiben oder einfach nur zu laufen, muss es einen Weg geben, Dein Leben zu verbessern. Es müssen nicht gleich die 90 Kilometer in einem ‚trail‘ Rennen sein (was man aber auch trainieren kann, um es zu schaffen). Aber wir können eine Lücke in unserem Terminkalender schaffen, ein klein wenig Disziplin haben und uns jeden Tag ‚bewegen‘, zumindest eine halbe Stunde.

Und in Playitas Resort haben wir einen Fluchtplan vorbereitet. Kurz gesagt, durch diesen Aufbruch durch den Sport, individuell, in einer Gruppe oder mit genieβt du den besten Urlaub deines Lebens und erreichst deine Ziele. Viele machen dies schon mit uns. Nimmst Du die Herausforderung an? 😉 

Challenge Fuerteventura 2015


The rugged beauty of the Canary Islands is the venue for Playitas Resort Challenge Fuerteventura. The half distance race is known as the perfect season opener for Europeans who want to test themselves on a tough course set against the dramatic volcanic backdrop of this spectacular island.
This weekend’s Challenge Fuerteventura saw Italy’s Jonathan Ciavattella claiming victory over a strong field while there were no surprises in the women’s race with a resounding win by Daniela Ryf (SUI).


Coming out of the water in second place in 24:06, just 12 seconds behind Douglas Roberts (GBR) and a minute ahead of Germany’s Timo Bracht, Ciavattella was soon in the lead on the bike, a position he maintained for the rest of the day, taking the win in 4:02:52. Second place Ritchie Nicholls (GBR) became a real threat on the run, coming off the bike in eighth place, he had run up into second by the half way point and continued to gain on Ciavattella, but ran out of track, crossing the line just 18 seconds down. Patrik Nilsson (SWE) rounded out the podium in third place.

“I am excited to take this win,” said Ciavatella on crossing the line. “The tough slopes of the Subida a El Cardón, were certainly testing although the effort required was made slightly easier by the absence of Fuerteventura’s infamous wind.”


In the female category, there was no surprise when race favourite, Daniela Ryf, arrived first at the Challenge Fuerteventura Playitas Resort finish line in a time of 04:20:33.

Ryf exited the water in second behind Catherine Jameson (GBR) and after a brief spell in third, when Anja Beranek (GER) took the lead, she soon claimed back second and then rode into the lead where she stayed for the remainder of the race. By the time she crossed the line she had extended her lead to just under thirteen minutes ahead of Beranek while Eimear Mullen (IRE) crossed the line a further three minutes later in third place.

2015 Challenge Fuerteventura

Top 5 men
1. Jonathan Ciavattella (ITA) 4:02:52
2. Ritchie Nicholls (GBR) 4:03:10
3. Patrik Nilsson (SWE) 4:04:08
4. Timo Bracht (GER) 4:05:18
5. Ruedi Wild (SUI) 4:06:56

Top 5 women
1. Daniela Ryf (SUI) 4:20:33
2. Anja Beranek (GER) 4:33:08
3. Eimear Mullan (IRE) 4:36:03
4. Corinne Abraham (GBR) 4:36:49
5. Daniela Sämmler (GER) 4:39:48

Text: Press release

Photo credit: www.majphotography.com

You are the reason… baby!

Buenos días

If one is looking for a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, then Playitas Resort is your answer.

Our resort, set nearby Las Playitas Village, with magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains, combines sports facilities, luxury accommodation and first-rate sports leisure activities.

Just 35 minutes’ drive from the airport and 50 minutes from Morro Jable in the south of Fuerteventura, the resort is ideal for active families, athletes or guests who specially love sun and relax in an open atmosphere.

Playitas Resort offers you three types of accommodation -hotel, aparthotel and villas- living with all the comforts imaginable.

Eating the right way? Then choose between a fully assorted buffet or 2 restaurants serving ‘a la carte’. Need more? Find it in a daily open supermarket.


For practicing sports such as swimming, there is an olympic pool, 18 hole golf course, indoor hall, 700 m2 fitness centre, 5 tennis courts, SPA, Multi Court for basketball, football or cycle centre where you may rent your size bike and much more.

The new tent has significantly added to the rest of sports facilities. It has more than 200 m2 for fitness activities.

Also, water sports facilities offering scuba diving, windsurfing and a host of other activities.

another day in paradise

What about night life? Playitas includes a Sports bar, the pub evening where drinking your favorite cocktail is a must.

After a long day of sports, you can unwind in the wellness centre offering luxurious spa treatments, sports and relax massages or even taking your kids to play mini-golf.

Overall, Playitas Resort features a fun design that adults and kids will love, especially those who love sports because… you are the reason  😉

Interview: Challenge Family CEO Felix Walchshöfer


Felix Walchshöfer, CEO of the Challenge Family stayed at Playitas Resort and we got the opportunity to go one on one with him.

It’s a pleasure for Playitas Resort having you here in Fuerteventura. How are you Felix?

Really good, I just had two wonderful weeks of training here at Playitas with great weather – so much better than at home! I am absolutely happy!

And your family, we mean… Challenge Family?

We are doing very well in the Challenge Family as well. Recently, we had several new races, particularly in the U.S., and it is steadily growing. We are feeling great about the latest developments.

17 races in 2013, 22 in 2014 – 5 more races in just one year. That’s definitely a ‘Challenge’. What can you tell us about your next or new projects?

Last year our main focus was on the U.S. We started three new races – at the east coast, in the mid of the country as well as in California. The next step will be South America; we are currently looking into Brazil. Furthermore, we have various additions in Europe.

A lot of people probably asked you before, but… swim, bike or run?

I would say that I am most talented in swimming, but I enjoy most running.

How about the bike?

Yea, well, I have to get over it! [Felix smiles]

As I am normally on races during the weekends, it is hard to find time for longer biking tours which does not make it easy for me when I am biking in the races.

We met your sister last year. Are you guys coming to the Challenge Fuerteventura this time?


Both of you?

We will have to sit down and discuss all the races that are going on in the next time, but one of us will definitely be there.

Your life is all about triathlon, but what about other sports? Do you find any time for it?

Unfortunately not, professionally and private it is all about triathlon for me. I tried different things, I was actually coming from athletics to triathlon, but I am already happy to find enough time for triathlon, so I do not want to do further sports at the cost of my triathlon training.

What can you tell people who’re starting with triathlon?

Well, I think it is an absolute fascinating sport. Lately, more and more people start with triathlon due to health reasons. Swimming, biking and running – that is a combination of some of the most healthy sports and everyone is able to do these disciplines. My advise for people who just get started with the sport is not to take it too serious. Just go have fun and do it with your partner, friends or family – it is just a wonderful sport!

How would you define Playitas Resort?

In my opinion, Playitas is an amazing place for training. The facilities are perfect and the staff is one of the best. Everything is about sports and the management really takes care of the details that are important for the sportsmen coming here. The island is wonderful with its biking roads through the landscape and the swimming pool in the resort is ideal. All in all, it is an absolutely perfect location for the sport.

Run Forrest, Run!

Anja Beranek

If there is one movement man is made for than it is running! We have just read a very interesting book called Born to Run from the author Christopher McDougall. In this book is a marvelous reflection of how man was destined to evolve to a running species. It is certain that our current generations lack this fact of the evolution albeit not all of us. The fact that we have become so intelligent and that this has certainly contributed to the fact that we do not run as often as we should or that we simply do not run anymore is very revealing. It seems that our brain has become so efficient in convincing the rest of our bodily functions that the less you do the better it is as there are so many other ways of moving that require almost no efforts. We have become masters in energy efficiency (at least at humanoid level)!

Melina estirando

However, for those who still have the passion for running (the handful of us that are left out there) there is this sense of liberty we experience when we go out for a stroll. Personally We find it very inspiring when we can run on different terrains and take the view of different landscapes. That is not always a given fact and is rather a luxury if you have this at your disposal. Some might say it is part of the inspiration of running to discover new tracks to devour, others (who are less adventurous or have little time for discovering anyways) care for the well known as it brings them instant data of the relished efforts or the tough nut still to crack.


As it happens, at Playitas Resort, we have tried to cater for all of your inspirations. For our running guests we have created a runners map/booklet that contains some inspiring routes with indications of distance and difficulties to expect. It is light and easy to read so as to not be a hassle or burden carrying it along for the stride. For those who want to join the runners world (and believe us, we are all made for running, no excuse that you are the exception on the rule) we offer a slow and guided build up over the period of your time at Playitas so that if you want, you can crown it with a small run to see if your efforts have served you well (guaranteed).

So next time you are looking for some runners paradise, look up what you can do at Playitas Resort and if so, give us a call and we will guide you to your perfect fit.

Oh, and one more thing, running is very basic but needs some expert advise for you to start right. Let’s run and… free your mind! 🙂

Talking with Murdo. A life around the world of Golf


Everybody who comes to Playitas Resort should meet Mr. Murdo McCorquodale or just Murdo. Considered a gentleman by all his colleagues, Murdo shows us his human side and talks about his life.

Hi Murdo! Where do you come from?

Hi! I come from Scotland! The highlands of Scotland 🙂

When did you start to play golf?

My father was a golf professional and like a Swiss child learns to ski as soon as they can walk and maybe a Spaniard starts to play football, a Scottish kid has a golf club in the hand and plays Golf.

DSC_4156Why did you finish up in Fuerteventura?

Ha, ha, ha… that’s a long story! My wife is from Ibi, near Alicante. It was not easy to get a job in Spain. Basically in order to get a job in Spain, you need german more than spanish in my business, in the Golf world. First thing we did was we moved to Germany to learn the language and we stayed there for a couple of years and then I was offerer a job in Portugal which we thought, well… it’s “almost” Spain (laughs) so we moved to Portugal, we stayed in the Algarve which is a really nice place to live  for a couple of years but it was not an easy place to work – economically- there are a lot of poor people and a lot of multimillionaires but nobody really in the middle and it was  quite a difficult time as a self employed Golf professional to find enough work. From there I was offered a job in Egypt which was actually  two fantastic years. It was a great place to live with very service minded people and a great place to work but when Ana became pregnant  we decided we wanted to eventually move to Spain.


Playitas Resort got in touch with me and offered me the post of Head Pro mainly because as a PGA pro with the ability to speak English, Spanish and German it was ideal for the resort. I fell in love with Playitas Golf course because of it’s potential and  it’s beautiful views on every hole with no surrounding houses  and no kids screaming… It’s something different which I still really love.

Who’s your favorite Golf player?

I did love Severiano Ballesteros but unfortunately he died two years ago, he was every golfer’s hero. I don’t have any particular favourites (unless I have a bet on them) but I do always have a big interest in European Ryder Cup player Paul Lawrie as I used to work with him in Scotland and he is a friend, Jose Maria Olazábal is another golfer who is a real gentleman on and off the course.

So you are a Spanish fan…

Definitely! The Spaniards play Golf with a lot of passion and flare and they play a different style of game actually. They all have fantastic short games.

What can you tell about the Playitas Golf Course? 

Playitas Golf is very different. It’s not your normal new Golf course because when new Golf courses are built, they are basically all the same. There are 4 par 5’s, 4 par 3’s and 10 par 4’s, it’s the standard . That is par 72. Playitas is short but very quirky. It’s more like what I’m used to playing in Scotland. It’s a par 67, it is short  but that doesn’t mean it is an easy course, it is very tricky, especially when the wind blows. Anyone can birdie a par 5 but it’s much harder to birdie a par 3, it is a good test for all levels of golfer. The Scottish designer has used the natural slopes and features to create a very links like golf course. Links basically is a description of the British style seaside courses which are always firm and depending on the wind direction on each day can vary considerably.

Do you play other sports?

I do. To be honest I like cycling, I like windsurfing, I like diving and football but I am Scottish so I’m not very good at football. I prefer to watch Glasgow Rangers.

Did you play as a professional golfer?

Yes. I won my first tournament as a pro and earned 677 pounds and then it went downhill from there to be honest (hahaha). You have to  be 100% dedicated purely to your golf career and I didn’t do that, I Iiked other things like girls, football and the occasional beer unfortunately or Scottish Triathlon!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I was good at Golf but I have never been Tiger

Murdo anuncio golf

Woods’ standard and I knew that but I still play Pro level and compete on a National level when I can. I have a family, I have a wife and two children and being a good dad and husband is the most important thing for me. I also have always loved to teach people which I seem to be more talented at.

If you didn’t play Golf, what would you do?

I’d be a singer. I love singing. It’s my biggest passion. I love swing and jazz music. I have a big passion for this.

One day I see myself having a swing bar, not a swingers bar (before you say anything), a cool place with a piano, good live music, cocktails, maybe some healthy food and in a big city.

And the last question…

Go for it!

What’s different here?

The weather is unbelievable. Summer is not too hot and we have great conditions in the winter. The Golf course is always in good condition and we have the Hotels next door to the course. The Beach is close by and we have the best sports facilities to combine with Golf. There are many good Restaurants and the island has two other Golf courses to play which compliment Playitas golf very well. It’s pretty much “heaven on earth”. It’s a very relaxed sports resort with a Golf course and I like the type of golfer that plays here – not too serious and always patient with less experienced players.

Thank you very much, Sir!

De nada! 🙂