4ª Travesía a nado Playitas Resort – Gran Tarajal // 4th Open Water Swimming Contest Playitas Resort – Gran Tarajal //4. Schwimmrennen Playitas Resort – Gran Tarajal


El sábado 27 de agosto de 2016 tuvo lugar la 4ª Travesía a nado Playitas Resort – Gran Tarajal. La prueba de 5 kilómetros en aguas abiertas batió el record de inscritos con 101 nadadores que salieron de Playitas Resort con dirección a Gran Tarajal. El vencedor en categoría masculina fue Travis Bramley con un tiempo de 56’15” mientras que en la femenina se impuso Laura Adorni con un crono de 56’56”.

Un gran ambiente el vivido el sábado con mucho público tanto en la salida como en la meta. Muchas gracias a todos los patrocinadores, voluntarios, ayuntamiento y a nuestros compañeros de Playitas Resort por la ayuda en la prueba. El año que viene, más y mejor 🙂



On Saturday, the 27th of august 2016, the 4th swim from the Playitas Resort to Gran Tarajal took place. The race of 5 km in open water beat the record of registered people with 101 swimmers, who departure from Playitas Resort in the direction of Gran Tarajal. The winner from the men has been Travis Bramley with a time of 56,15“minutes while the feminine winner has been Laura Adorni with a time of 56,56” minutes.

On Saturday there has been a great atmosphere with a big audience at the start as well as at the goal. A big thank you to all the participants, volunteers, the community and our colleagues from Playitas Resort, for the help in this race. And in the next year, more and better 🙂


Am Samstag, den 27. August 2016, fand der 4. Schwimmlauf vom Playitas Resort nach Gran Tarajal statt. Das 5 km Rennen im offenen Meer brach dieses Jahr den Rekord an eingeschriebenen Personen mit 101 Schwimmern, welche vom Playitas Resort aus in Richtung Gran Tarajal starteten. Sieger unter den Männern wurde Travis Bramley mit einer Zeit von 56,15“, während Laura Adorni mit einer Zeit von 56,56“ Erste bei den Frauen.

Am Samstag herrschte eine großartige Stimmung mit vielen Zuschauern sowohl beim Start am Playitas Resort als auch im Ziel. Ein großes Dankeschön für die Hilfe beim Rennen geht an alle Teilnehmer, Freiwilligen Helfer, die Gemeinde und unsere Kollegen vom Playitas Resort. Nächstes Jahr wieder, größer und besser 🙂



Interview with Alexandra Sanchez Clark. Learning to be a mermaid.


Canary Quarry swimming continues to provide good swimmers. Today we get to know a little bit more about Alexandra Sanchez Clark (1999), swimmer of Swimming Club Las Escuevas of Fuerteventura.

How did you start swimming?

I’ve been swimming from since I was very little, I almost do not remember. I began with Alberto Judge at the age of 6 in the swimming pool of Puerto del Rosario.

How many hours a day you train?

An average of 4 hours although it varies depending on the day of the week.

Where do you usually train?

As the pool of Puerto del Rosario is currently closed, I train at La Oliva on weekdays and at weekends I train here at Playitas Resort.

You’ve just finished as 4th in the Championship of Spain in open water; Tell us about your experience.

I did not have high expectations because of the level of swimmers joining, and also as I was unable to train in the same place all the time and had to adapt to the pool of La Oliva, I did not think much of my chances. However the test came, initially I was a bit behind during the last lap but I pushed without looking back and I was nearly on the podium.


We know you’re a good student. How can you combine your studies with swimming?

I finish high school at 2 pm and I go straight to La Oliva having lunch in the car. My schedule depends on the day, for example on Monday I go swimming, then I go to the gym and then have an hour or 45 minutes when I can study , then I am back to water before returning home to study at night. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have more time, about 2 hours to study.

Daughter of Spanish father and English mother. How do you deal with English?

Fairly well. You could say I’m bilingual and am waiting to get the C2 certificate.

You have good conditions to get a scholarship to a good university. Will you fight for it?

You are right. I swim, I have good grades and speak 2 languages. With the three skills I might get it.

Food is very important for an athlete. How do you take that lunch in the car?

As my mother does not work in the morning, before coming to pick me up, she makes rationed food and I have a third of vegetables, one-third protein that is fish at noon and another third of carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice or pasta.

And McDonalds?

Hardly ever. If I have a burger, it is homemade.

What would you like to study in college?

Initially I have thought about medicine but I’m still not sure 100%.


Who is your favorite swimmer?

At first it was Mireia Belmonte  but I discovered Katinka Hosszú and I love as he trains very hard and enjoys what he does.

Do you see yourself living for swimming?

It’s difficult. I think at national or local level, if I could.

What distances do you swim?

In the swimming pool 400m, 800m and 1500m. In open water or long distance swim 3000m, 5000m, 7500m or cruises.

And where are you most comfortable? And why?

In the sea. You do not have limits or have to do turns and there is nothing to break your rhythm, it is just to go from here to there, as fast as you can.

Do you do other sports?

Not right now, but I like other water sports and I also like snow skiing.

You’re a ‘digital native’. How do you deal with social networks?

I do not really care. What I use daily is ‘Instagram’ to see what other people are doing in the world, and do not touch Facebook, with twitter I got bored.

El camino – The way – Der Weg


EN esta vida con tanto ‘stress’, hacer ejercicio, practicar algún deporte o simplemente caminar, debe ser una salida para mejorar tu vida. No se trata de hacer 90 kilómetros en una carrera de ‘trail’ (que también puedes entrenar para conseguirlo) sino de hacer un hueco en nuestra agenda, tener un poquito de disciplina y ‘movernos’ al día por lo menos una media hora.

Y en Playitas Resort tenemos preparado un plan de escape. En definitiva, esa salida para que a través del deporte, de forma individual, en grupo o con un entrenador personal disfrutes de las mejores vacaciones de tu vida y consigas tu meta. Much@s ya lo hacen con nosotros. ¿Te apuntas al reto? 😉


IN this life with so much stress, doing exercise, practicing sport or even just walking gives us an escape for a better life.  You don´t have to do a 90km trail race (although you can train for it), just make a space in your day, have a little discipline and move for at least 30 minutes daily.

In Playitas Resort we have an escape plan for this.  By using sport, individually, in groups or with a personal trainer you can enjoy the best holiday of your life.  Reap the rewards, many people already are.  Join us and we will help you achieve your goals 😉


IN unserem Leben mit all dem ‘Stress’, trainieren, Sport zu treiben oder einfach nur zu laufen, muss es einen Weg geben, Dein Leben zu verbessern. Es müssen nicht gleich die 90 Kilometer in einem ‚trail‘ Rennen sein (was man aber auch trainieren kann, um es zu schaffen). Aber wir können eine Lücke in unserem Terminkalender schaffen, ein klein wenig Disziplin haben und uns jeden Tag ‚bewegen‘, zumindest eine halbe Stunde.

Und in Playitas Resort haben wir einen Fluchtplan vorbereitet. Kurz gesagt, durch diesen Aufbruch durch den Sport, individuell, in einer Gruppe oder mit genieβt du den besten Urlaub deines Lebens und erreichst deine Ziele. Viele machen dies schon mit uns. Nimmst Du die Herausforderung an? 😉 

Lotte Friis. The smile of a Danish mermaid


Lotte Friis was inducted into Playitas Resort Hall of Fame

We interviewed the Danish Olympic swimmer Lotte Friis, who proves that dreams really can come true! Here’s more of what she shared with Playitas Resort Blog about her life, plus her tips on training and nutrition.

  • You started swimming at the age of… ?

I started swimming when I was five years old because my parents have a pool in the backyard. So, they wanted me to know how to swim. So we drowned it! And then it just like involved from there. I think on this level, like a lead level, since I was fifteen. So, twelve years now 🙂

  • Who did you admire when you were a teenager? Any idol?

I didn’t really have idols, I am more had stuff I admired from different people, because I always feel like I am me and I can’t compare myself to anybody else. But there was a lot of people that had qualities and results that I admired and I really wanted to match or beat. So, that’s more like what I tried to do when I was a teenager.

  • We can realize that freestyle is your favorite style but, what about the rest?

Freestyle… I mean no, I am always like I swim freestyle and I love freestyle. I am not really pick anything else, which sometimes can be a problem, like my coach wants me to do some other stuff once in a while, so my shoulders don’t get to tired from doing freestyle all the time. And I am always like, No… I don’t want to. So, freestyle is my fun, my favorite.

  • You always, of course, are involved in swimming. When you finish your career, your professional career in swimming, would you like to plan/organize some swimming events or training camps?

Yeah for sure, I would love to give some of my knowledge that I’ve like built up over the years and give it on to somebody else. I mean when I retire from swimming, I am probably still gonna be pretty active. I think it is hard, not to do stuff yourself. So, I probably wanna do triathlons and stuff like that, just to keep my body moving. But for sure, I would love to teach kids or adults for that matter. All about swimming and do that and try to spread the world of swimming to the world.


Lotte swims at Playitas Olympic pool

If we say “Ledecky”, how do you feel?

🙂 Katie and I are pretty close. She is a really nice girl. She swims actually only or trains actually only 45 minutes away from me, in the States, where I live now. But she is a sweet girl; she is the best long distance swimmer ever in the world. By far, I think the best swimmer at the moment. She is so amazing; she swims so fast and she is just opening our eyes for what is possible, not only for swimmers, but for female swimmers and females, all over the world.

  • We heard that you have a good relationship with her brother?

🙂 🙂 🙂 Yes! I met him a couple of times. I met her mom too. Her mom is or her entire family is great and I am gonna go down, especially because they live so close, they invited me to come for dinner and a night out, because she lives just north of Baltimore, where I live. …They invited me down, to spend some time with them and I am looking forward to it.

  • What do you usually eat when you are close to a competition?

In the morning I probably eat some yoghurt, some muesli and maybe a piece of bread or two, with some jam or Nutella. Depending on what’s on the hotel, when we are there. For lunch I probably eat some pasta, a little bit of meat, not too much. I probably eat the same I can in the evening, maybe rice or potato, depending again on what the hotel will serve but definitely I will eat carbohydrates at lunch and at dinner.

  • Let us know your thoughts two minutes before a competition starts

I think I am just trying to concentrate on my race plan, especially because I swim the longer events, that’s what I am gonna have to focus on, like how am I gonna swim my race, how am I gonna get the best out of my race. And I think just trying not to doubt myself because I know I’ve done the work and I cannot really do anything more than do my best and hope that’s enough.

  • Can you give us some training tips?

My biggest tip is like no matter what, it’s always gonna be some days were you don’t wanna work out, were you don’t wanna train. And I think my biggest tip is, thinking of what you wanna achieve with the training. It doesn’t matter if you just wanna get in shape, you wanna loose those extra kilos, just trying to think of that. Like why you are doing it, because that always helps me get through the hard workouts, all the workouts that I don’t wanna do.

andres-andy-lotte-stephan copia

From left to right Andrés Morente -Marketing Manager-, Andreas Raelert -triathlete-, Lotte Friis, and Stephan Meyvisch – General Manager-

  • Tell us something about your stay at Playitas?

I would recommend Playitas because it’s a perfect mix of relaxation and holiday and sun and the warm but you also have the opportunity to do some active stuff, like you have the opportunity to run, you have the opportunity to swim, you have the opportunity to play tennis, football, volleyball, there are classes you can take, there is everything, basically. You can play golf. So, I think that’s a perfect mix, to have that relaxation you want to when you are going on holiday but still stay active.

  • What about your free time?

I think it depends on how hard I’ve been training what I’d like to do when I have time off. I either like just to relax back home, reading a good book, watching television or a movie. I like also spending time with friends and family because when you are on the road as much as I am with my swimming, you’d like to go home and see people and have fun with them and just hear what’s up with their life because sometimes you get caught up in this little bubble you are in and you are just focused on yourself. I’d just like that, like either just being home alone or being out socializing with people.

  • How is your life in the U.S.? 

The States is different, especially big seen it’s a different continent. And every country I’ve visit, I feel like has a different way of doing stuff, a way of handling stuff and a way of like approaching stuff. And I feel like if you told me two years, three years ago that I will live in the States and I will love it, I would’ve been like you’re joking, no way, but I do love it. I feel like it’s exactly the place I need to be, at the moment of my career. Like, I am not young anymore in swimming, like I am one of the oldest ones and I don’t mind that because it shows that I am still here and I am still ready to fight when I go to meets. But it is definitely the freedom I need, living over there and the approach, like I train with younger girls, I train with teenagers and I am fine with that because they push me, because they have all the energy and they are so excited to go to practice every day, for as I’ve been in this for over ten years, a little bit more old and I have to practice again. So, they keep me young, they keep me motivated. That’s for sure.


Lotte showing her best smile

  • Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

In five years I probably be definitely done swimming but I would love to be still involved in swimming in somehow, that’s for sure. If it’s gonna be just as a team leader or team manager, if is gonna be as a coach. I don’t know. But I will definitely also be… I’ve never have gone to school, I’ve only gone high school, as I really would like to going to college, trying to get an education, like doing something. No question about that yet. Hopefully! I mean hopefully I’ll be in the stages of beginning a family if I haven’t already started.

Interview to Andreas Raelert


Andy Raelert has been training in Fuerteventura on the way to Kona. The German triathlete participated twice in the Olympics – 2000 and 2004 and has a vast collection of titles such as the world record at Challenge Roth, the Ironman European Championship and 3 times winner of the ‘Triathlete of the Year’ award.

Andy gave us an interview between training sessions and we had the opportunity to get to know him.

 Why did you start triathlon?

In 1992 when I saw a documentary about the Ironman World Championship in Kona and I was very fascinated to see the pictures about triathlon and then I decided when I was 16 years old (1993) to do it, so I did my first triathlon and I got addicted.

What’s the secret of Raelert brothers’ success?

Easy! 🙂 We train mostly together. Triathlon is a very individual sport but to improve yourself you need a worldclass group. If your brother is on a world class level we can push each other and sharing special moments, the good and the bad ones.That’s the way we enjoy triathlon.

Playitas Resort attended to Ironman Klagenfurt 2013 and we have to say your arrival was absolutely amazing. What did you feel when you arrived to the finish line as first triathlete?

Happy because my goal was to managed under 8 hours. I did it twice, not only in Klagenfurt, eight years ago in Roth I did it too but crossing the finish line is very emotional. That’s the reason triathlon is also so popular, the professional athletes and the age groups athletes are racing the same race which it’s really unique worldwide. In triathlon everybody gets though the same moments,  it’s like a rollercoaster even the winner is not having a smooth day  everybody is only cheering for you.  The only difference between professional and age group triathletes is just the time at the finish line. You have the feeling that everybody is just cheering for you and this moment is very very special. You are very proud you made it.

You are actually 38 and getting better as old wine. Where is your limit?

I’m not sure! In triathlon, especially on the long distance triathlon,  experience is what you need. If you go through on the single datas, in terms on speed, output on the bike and mileage for the run it’s all about experience. I’m not old enough to quit and I hope for still 3 more years to be at the top level.

Who is the most powerful of you brothers – Michael or Andreas?

Michael, unfortunately, has more talent that I have. He just have to be more patient. To be a world class athlete you have to be good at all three -swim, bike and run- We are brothers but with different characters. He’s younger but he needs to be patient. Sometimes Michael wants to go with his head through the wall and sometimes it works and sometimes not.

How long before do you travel to a race?

It depends. If it comes to a  very important race for me then I’d like to be at the destination a week before. If it is oversees with a different time zone then I travel 2 weeks before the race.

How many countries have you visited?

I think the right question would be: is there a country I haven’t travelled to? Yes, for sure I get around quiet a lot and it’s great to see all the different countries and nations with different cultures.


From left to right: Andrés Morente (Marketing Manager), Alexandra Lochmatter (Events & Groups Manager) and Andreas Raelert

Do you have much time to visit them or just for the race?

I’m not on a vacation trip as a professional. So I don’t see that much as you can see if you are on a holiday but if you are on a training camp or longer you try to get around and you see a lot, if you are focused on the race you don’t see much, but when your mind is free you can see a lot.

Some tips for training?

Never lose the passion, never forget what you want and really enjoy it!

Why do you choose Playitas for training?

Playitas is a very unique place worldwide. I’m looking for the best facilities where I can train and at Playitas you have a perfect pool for swimming, great weather all year long, good roads for cycling, low traffic and some nice training trails around the resort. The staff are very helpful and focused on training as well as providing everything a professional athlete requires, the food is also of a high standard for professional athletes.

What can you tell us about Fuerteventura?

Sometimes it can be a bit windy – September and October are not that windy and after a training camp it can be that you feel it was too long on the island with all the heat and the wind but then when you arrive home you just want to return to Fuerteventura as soon as possible. 🙂

Favorite meal?


Favorite place to live?

Where my friends are

How many hours do you train a week?

High volume: 45hrs, low volume: 15hrs

Swim, bike or run?

On a good day three, on a bad day none of these.

Final remarks…

Great area, great club, great staff who takes care of the athletes and I will be back in November and hopefully next year.

Thank you Andy and never lose your smile!

Alejandro Calderón. Una realidad en la natación canaria

Alejandro Calderón HoF


Alejandro Calderón es un nadador de 16 años del Club Natación Las Escuevas de Fuerteventura que ha sido Campeón de España de 100 espalda con tan solo 15 años.

La próxima competición es en Barcelona del 16 al 20 de julio y hasta allí se irá Alejandro con su entrenador Alberto Juez así como la presidenta del club, Encarna Tirado.

Hoy hablamos con él, un joven de 16 años, estudiante al que le encanta la natación y que disfruta como cualquier chico de su edad.

¿Qué esperas del Campeonato de España de Natación que se celebra en Barcelona?

Espero mucho de mi. Me gustaría rebajar mis marcas y tratar de traerme alguna medalla.

¿Cómo es la vida de un chico de 16 años, Campeón de España?

Estoy estudiando, se me hace duro y mis estudios van ‘regular’. Empiezo los entrenamientos sobre las 16:30 y termino sobre las 20:00. Después dedico una hora al estudio.

¿Cuál es tu meta más próxima?

Entrar en una final de los Juegos Olímpicos o llegar a batir algún record nacional.

¿Tienes algún record?

Si, pero sólo de Canarias. En 100 espalda, 200 espalda, 50 libres y en piscina de 25, 100 estilos.

Un chico de 16 años ¿siente presión?

A mi me gusta mucho nadar y disfruto con lo que hago y nunca me he sentido presionado

Tienes una relación especial con Encarna Tirado que aunque no es tu entrenadora “oficial”, está siempre a tu lado. Cuéntanos un poquito tu relación con ella

Es una gran persona y con ella siempre se puede conseguir mejorar la técnica ya que me exige esforzarme al máximo.


¿A qué te gustaría dedicarte cuando dejes la natación?

Me gustaría ser preparador físico y también entrenar en un club.

Eres un nativo digital y sabemos de tu relación con las redes sociales…

Tengo cuenta en instagram y me gusta mucho ya que conozco a gente, ver fotos de países, de nadadores a los que sigo y también lo que publican de mi.

¿Y qué hace Alejandro cuando no está en la piscina?

Me considero una persona alegre y me encanta estar con mis amigos y con mi familia. Lucho por conseguir mis objetivos.

¿ A qué nadadores admiras?

Como a todos los nadadores, admiro a Michael Phelps por su nado acuático y su mariposa. Es buenísimo!!! También la velocidad de César Cielo. De los nuevos, Morozov por su velocidad y como nada en general y también Mireia en fondo ya que me gusta verla como nada.

Tu estilo favorito es la espalda pero ¿qué otro te gusta?

Me gusta la mariposa, muchísimo. Y el libre en velocidad.

Pensemos un poquito en un futuro no muy lejano. ¿campeonatos de europa, del mundo?

Me encantaría y en cuanto consiga la nacionalidad española, sería posible. El sueño de todo nadador es ir a un mundial y a los juegos olímpicos. Espero cumplirlo algún día.

Alejandro, mucha suerte la semana que viene y nos muy pronto en la piscina de Playitas

Muchas gracias! 🙂




Lighthouse Classic Triathlon


By April 2012, 52 triathletes took part in the first edition of the Lighthouse Classic Triathlon. Last year, 89 ‘triathlon lovers’ joined to ‘Lighthouse’. And what about 2014? At a time we are writing this post, 165 signed up and we are expecting around 170 ‘braves’. The event has seen a three-fold increase in the number of triathletes taking part since its launch in 2012 what means proud.

The ‘Lighthouse’ will start at 8.00 with 1,5 k of swimming at Playitas’ beach. After the ‘bath’, the triathletes will be ready to cycle 40 k along Las Casitas, Juan Gopar and Tuineje. But as the ‘Lighthouse’ claim says, the running -13k- is the magical moment of the race.

For a selected group of triathletes ‘it’s all or nothing’ but for the rest is a new challenge. If you love triathlon, you know the meaning of ‘finisher’. Now… it’s showtime. Enjoy!