Golf and Tennis Tournaments

Cartel Golf

And the question became to you. How  do I control these emotions so that I can play to the best of my ability?

Of course we are talking about the tennis and golf tournaments which are coming to Playitas Resort in a few days. The Playitas Golf Open and The Playitas Tennis Open. 

On May 10, 2014 we start with the first of the tournaments. The Playitas Golf Open. At Playitas Golf, everything is ready for a  Classic Golf Tournament in Fuerteventura. The course looks pretty good, Murdo is very excited and all the golfers are expecting to repeat the big moments they enjoyed last year. Of course, Playitas Resort is ready to give a warm welcome to all players and golf lovers. But Golf seems to take more time than most sports to get a good grasp of how to hit the ball, or even how to act on a golf course. Don’t worry about it! Just enjoy the course and have fun!😉

So let’s go for the second one in a row. On May 22, 2014  the Playitas Tennis Open will take place at Playitas Tennis Courts. Prize money: 2.000 € and a grand prize draw. Jörg is so excited as Murdo about this event. But to enjoy the tennis open you must keep your diet. Loading up on carbohydrates the night before is not an effective way to prepare your body for the competition. You need to build up your nutrient stores in advance, so start eating carb-heavy food — like pasta, oatmeal, salad, and rice — four days before the Playitas Tennis Open begins. Carbs are your main source of energy, so consume more of them heading up to your match, even if it means cutting down on your intake of meat and other proteins.

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Likewise, increase your potassium intake. Eating two bananas – Plátano de Canarias is the best – every day, three or four days before your tournament will help you retain water. During the week leading up to the tournament, you should also be drinking water throughout the day. You’ll probably spend more time than usual in the bathroom :-(, but proper hydration is absolutely necessary for your muscles and to prevent cramps. But as we wrote about the Playitas Golf Open… just enjoy the competition and don’t forget an easy thought …Free Your Mind! 😉